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For Winter, Boygrog, Karen, and Jetstar

Winter I did what you said and this helped. Grog I also did what you said. I don't no what happened I had a thought that I had never had before it frightened the life out of me, I could not get to grips for the day why, so ended up on the floor in a heap and absolute tears. I suffer constant anxiety all day from the time I get up to the time I go to bed, I cant even sit and watch tele in peace without I am being attacked constantly . However I am back up today and fighting. Thank you all.



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More than glad to have been of some help.I have been in a crisis once or twice before.People on here will always try to help and there are other agencies out there who are prepared to help.

P lease remember you are NEVER alone even if sometimes you feel you are.


Your welcome :)


Your more than welcome and well done for getting through the day even it was absolutely horrid xxxxx


Do the theme tune from Rocky......getting stronger....


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