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I love the Carpenters,Karen Carpenters voice is like silk.I am listening to her now "rainy days and Mondays" just finished.I always think about how sad her life was and her untimely death.Then I think about what she gave us,oh that voice,it makes me feel so good and also makes me think about my issues.My problems are not that bad compared to hers,she had everything and yet nothing.Its the same with Luther Vandros,what a voice, but again,died young.We are all still here and whilst I doubt that any of us have their talent(no you don't!) or money,we are still here,living,breathing and alive.

I am listening to her on my Bose Wave system recently acquired from my uncles house.He is 82 and had to go into care,his mind is going.I am clearing his house and its quite difficult because my Aunt died there and it feels strange,not spooky,just strange.Again,it really makes me count my blessings,I am alive and kicking and will beat this anxiety.

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Things like this does make you think Castle , its nice to sing along as well , i like a sing song

Good look with cleaning the house , I no it will feel strange , you are doing well though how you are dealing with it





Lol, I was a post woman for a while and my OH kept singing mr postman to me lol. I love the carpenters.


You can't beat the power of music, my OH recently informed me listening to ukulele music cheers you up! Problem is I have to listening to him singing ( just joking).


Not sure that George Formby would cheer me up "cleanin his winders" but each to their own,listening to Barry White at the minute,blimey,hes dead as well!


He does a really bad George Formby impression! But a very good Urban Space if anyone remembers Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band :)


Its interesting to note the many different opinions on what may help anxiety sufferers.For this very reason,I am going to try everything available,acupuncture is one thing on my list that I would not have entertained until recently but my views have changed after my group meeting,whats to lose?


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