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What a day!

What a very normal day I had today. I only got anxious once, my chest and throat got tight so I tried deep breathing it didn't work, so I tried distraction it worked and I forgot about it plus another tablet!! I also had a surprise visitor this evening which didn't throw me too much. I had a lovely visit from my dad, been to the dr's, chemist, b&q and tesco ( they are across the road from each other).

((((((Hugs to everyone))))))))))) xxx

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that is so good to read winter! thanks for sharing it with us, I like days like that. :D




Well done winter, it's nice wen we have days of feeling more our selfs xxx


Well done Winter, you did good x

It must have been a day for it today. I too managed a browse around the little town where i live. I usually can't do aimless browsing, but i did today and i felt realxed (to a degree) and it just felt nice and normal.

Go us!


What a brilliant positive post! Lets all have a good day again today, is it? Come on!


Hi everyone ! I too have had a good good day today . I was talking to my next door neighbour and we got to talking about bills. I told him I was on a water meter as I live alone so it works out cheaper for me my bill for the year works out around £150. Then he told me his bill is almost £400 a year, so I've arranged for him to get a meter and he will also get a rebate because he has started paying for next year!! I feel so pleased with myself for helping someone, as six months ago I could barely pass the time of day with anyone because I was so low with damned depression!! I am also looking after someone's garden while they are on holiday which gives me a great deal of pleasure????????

Stay well all



Ps those question marks are supposed to be smiley faces:) lol



Well done, I'm really pleased you had a good day to??xx


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