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I just want to cry

Spoken to the dr. He was so nice I want to cry, he says I've got used to the dosage of my tablet and has increased it by 25mg a day to take another of my propranolol. I feel like I've been dragged through a hedge screaming. So much adrenalin going through my body. I have finished painting the woodwork, the radiator and first coat on the doors. I've cleaned the windows and swept the floor. What to do with myself any ideas would be great fully received. Oh and I've got to go and pick up my prescription tomorrow xxx

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Good for you keep up the good work give yourself some brownie points xx


Hello Winter, :)

I'm glad made some progress today - sometimes just having an understanding doctor is half the battle!

What are up to tomorrow? Obviously it's good to keep busy but don't over do it because you don't want to burn yourself out so make sure you do some what makes you happy. You could have a nice long soak in the bath for example. (I sometimes read a book in there!).

Have you heard about mindfulness meditation? xxxx


I've heard about it but not looked into it! Is it any good. I try to use mindfulness sometimes to ground myself xxx


Apparently it is. It's a great way to pass the time and really calming. I think the main object is to find somewhere peaceful just to lie down, or sit down and really focus on the moment, you're 'inner being'. It really helps you to come to terms with any issues in the past and stops people worrying about the future, because you realise the moment is really all we have. You could visualise your favourite spot such as lying on the beach. There is plently of meditation music on youtube. :)

I'm not sure what the difference is between mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, if there is even a difference, but that's my general idea. :) I know it's helped other before, it's had a lot of success.



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