Afraid to cross the road...even pelican crossings scare me now. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

This isn't exactly a medical question and may sound quite unusual, but does any one else have a fear of crossing busy roads? I have suffered with anxiety that became panic attacks and agoraphobia severely since childhood (around 25+ years lets say) and for about the past 10 years I've been increasingly fearful of the main road on which I live. I cannot go out unaccompanied anyway, but find the fact that I am actually afraid to cross the road even more debilitating. I was wondering if anyone else had any experience of this type of fear too?



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  • Not to cross the road but I cannot go to the supermarket because of stress and anxiety and constant headaches and essential tremor.Take Care

  • Thanks for your reply. I know how difficult supermarkets can be too. I hope it gets better with time. Take care ;-)

  • Thankyou hope things for you as we'll Howbdo you like this weather? It saps me. Take care xxx

  • I love the sunshine- at last! Heat can make you tired though. ;-)

  • I really don't like crossing the road either! I have 9 roads in a busy city to cross when I go to Uni once a week, I usually go with my friend and then it's ok, but if I'm on my own I really really don't like it. I just take a big deep breath and try to cross with someone else (anyone else!) and then I can do it. I know my fear is not the same as yours, but I'm trying to say that you're not alone x

  • Thanks for the reply- its helpful to see that someone else shares similar anxiety about roads! Take care :-)

  • I became nervous of crossing roads & other wide open spaces after an LSD trip when I was 17, I had an anxiety attack while crossing a road. It didn`t keep me indoors, but it was a pain. Fortunately the fear has receded greatly in the last 10 or 15 years, & hardly ever bothers me now.

  • Thanks for reply. It was interesting to read your reply, as well as roads I've also developed a bit of anxiety about wide spaces in busy places such as shopping centres too. How do you think you got over your particular fears? Take care :-)

  • I still get mildly anxious about these things on rare occasions, but mostly i`m ok. Maybe it`s part of the changes that occur in the brain in middle age. I have heard that women are less anxious as they get older.

  • I totally relate to feeling anxiety when i go shopping, i hate the crowds, people bumping into you, the noise, everyone just gets in my way. Regarding crossing the road i am ok doing that, but i do feel so self concious (dont know how to spell it, sorry!) - I think everyone is looking at me whilst i am waiting for the traffic lights to change. my heart pumps harder and trying to walk in a straight line is sometimes impossible. The more i write the more i think, yes i also struggle when crossing the road. mine doesnt hit me every time though, its normally if my anxiety is high at that point. your not on your own.

    I am trying to respond to as many people as i can today as i have an afternoon at home from work (thank goodness). I dont know if this would be any use to you. someone recomended a guy called Carl Sheppard to me. Carl Sheppard has helped many people who have anxiety, OCD, Depression ,etc. check out his site. i am just starting to look into him now, but he looks very interesting and helps many people who struggly with anxiety and related conditions. take care.xxxx

  • Hi Katherine, I am also looking into Carl Sheppard. I am seeing it bounced around the internet. Looking forward to checking out the site. I'll let you know how i get on. thanks;-)))

  • Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for your reply and supportive comments. Yes, the feeling of being really self-conscious is something I feel a lot. My legs get shaky and I do find I feel like I will fall down any moment makes me stop in my tracks, almost paralysed by the fear really.

    I'll look into Carl Sheppard too. Take care :-)

  • Hi Petaloudia, i think most people who struggle with anxiety / depression suffer with going outside, being in a noisy atmosphere, crossing the road. I’m not sure how people get over it. But i definitely suffer with it. i just keep plodding along and hope one day it does get better and not worse. Sorry i couldn’t offer a solution, but i hope you feel a bit better knowing you aren’t on your own. :- ()

  • Hi M_Help, thanks for the reply. Actually having had some replies and knowing others feel similar is helpful, its just a shame we can't all find some long term relief from these feelings. But sites like this are very helpful in making connections to see that much of the time we are not alone in our feelings. Take care, ;-)

  • hi just came across your post I know this was 2 years ago how are you coping now?iam having panic attacks about crossing roads stand at kerb and freeze cant move it ruins a lot of things in your life if you need something on other side of road you haveto find ways around it I have been under a lot of stress lately and I suppose always been a bit nervy but this is just horrible hope you are coping better now.

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