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Concern regarding behaviour and conduct

Hello all. I'm a fairly new member to the administration team here at Anxiety UK. I'm happy to be on board and I can see that this site has a lot to offer helping people tackle and overcome their various anxieties and problems in life.

While the vast majority of people here use the resources appropriately and showcase community spirit in helping others and describing their own problems in life, I've become a little concerned of the choices certain other individuals have made in regards to voicing their grievances on this site, and the frequency in which they're occurring.

I shan't name names or point to specific incidences as my intention with this post isn't to restart a debate, but rather remind everyone about the reason this site exists in the first place.

I understand that people can become upset or disillusioned at certain decisions made by admins or the "higher ups" of this website, but everyone working here freely volunteers their time and has the best of intentions in order to keep a safe, productive and hopefully helpful place for people to visit. It isn't always an easy task but it's important we all help each other out in order to attain the same goals in creating this community.

It's never appropriate, no matter how justly it feels at the time, or how angry you may feel to single out and target any member, including the administrators, through new blogs or comments left on others, with abuse or inappropriate comments.

We're working within our guidelines ( ) which everyone here has to accept if they utilise this space. These are important to the wellbeing of this community and all of its members. This will on occasion include removing posts/blogs which do not conform to keeping the site on topic for helping people with their issues.

To reiterate, this blog is not here to incite debate, so please do not post comments showcasing incidences from the past where you feel certain actions may have been justified, as it is inappropriate to do so and I myself have refrained from also.

Let's try and keep this site free from animosity and leave it is a haven for those with troubling issues which need care and attention.

Thank you for your understanding- Jetstar

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ROLLA. I have only just found you I don't want you to go already


You've made a pretty poor start Jetstar.This site is in chaos


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