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Anixety attacks just happen out of the blue?! Cant sleep

Hello everyone

Just wondering if i can bit of advice? ive finally decided go to the doctors about my

Worries, and she said me some meds, but after reading reviews i feel scared to take them. My aniexty attacks are coming at night time and just very out of blue, which is making me more worried. Ive tired listening to peaceful music & breathing. But now i feel all closed up and not sure what to do about it?!

Amz x

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The fact that you are anxious before going up to bed is the key....your probably not aware of how anxious you are on the run up to going up. I have suffered anxiety and panic for the last 20yrs and currently going through another bout at the moment. You need to be totally relaxed going bed...Take a cup of camomile tea to bed with you also take a note book with you and write down every thing that is in your head...completely empty your head of negetive thoughts and worry such as the "what ifs and the thinking ahead of your self. When youve done that read a good book until you feel tired. As for the meds i would talk to your doctor about your worries about taking it,personally i try not to take meds from the doctors,at thr moment im trying Kalms from the chemist or there is another one called quiet life. Good


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