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Angry an sick of being sick

I'm so tired of this I can't stand myself!!! You do what your suppose to do an nothing works its all a bunch of nonsense. Uggg I've called everywhere for help with meds the cost I don't have a regular doctor anymore because she's a quack!! Top part of stomach hurts an my back hurts if I do to much health anxiety you bet phobia of meds you bet is there any help NO. I'm just going to lay in bed an quit I'm tired of every door being shut the U.S sucks when it comes to mental health issues it's a joke!!!!

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:( sick of all of this too..seems never ending but at the end of the day need to find the fight to get better..take it day by in uk so can't speak for 'US' but think it's same evrywhere..also remember what you feel now will change by morning..good luck x


Thank you I guess your right it usually does hope you feel better xx


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