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Hi all my lovelies

Hi to you all here again i am finding time just flying by my anxiety is still here guys and no not much better been at docs 3 times now with ear ache sore throat and mouth app its ulcers but yes guys you guessed it my anxiety keeps saying its throat cancer i am in agony but hey guys i miss you all so much but you all know me i am here one min then not the next ended up in hospital other week with my youngest fell off her pony and ended up with 12 stitches that so upset me but she is so strong minded for 10 years old and straight back on she was even tho she was told no i have missed you why donaf rose petal and all you others and do still try to have a little read but you know me why i am behind again hun and not the foggiest whats going off on here but am trying love you all my lovelies and still around xxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Sheffield

Yes you popped up the other day & then disappeared :-D

You sound run down :-(

Glad you daughter is OK & well done you dealt with it , even though I no you will have felt anxious

We are still all here ;-)





Hi why thanks hun i am on edge at mo with this infection and so worrying its worse but lately with summer nights my kids are wearing me out and my anxiety seems worse cos i am so tired cos they are in out in out like yoyos and think its making me anxious cos i am tired i am so sorry not to have been on recently but have so much on at mo and trying to help my mum with dad not being here anymore but am trying to pop on as much as poss hun xxxxx


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