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HI guys sorry had all that with hospital and when i got back had my 2 youngsters to feed and do 2 lots of homework all your comments where so lovely and i know i am being stupid have still got the sharp stabbing pains on and off esp if i move quick or breath in and am still worrying but am back at my docs tmw so hoping this will ease my mind i am just hoping its heartburn or something it even hurts if i breath in deeply but i am so so grateful for all your support you are all so special to me and feel awful i couldnt get back to you sooner its hard sometimes with 2 little ones and a teenage daughter hope you all ok and doing good LOVE YOU ALL :) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Dont worry Sheffield , i no what its like with kids , you have your hands full & by the way if you are stupid , which you are not , then I am as well as I suffer with health anxiety ;)

You havnt pulled a muscle or something have you ? sounds abit like that , can easily pull one with out knowing , or a chest infection ? just some thoughts , ask GP tomorrow & what ever they say I to hope it puts your mind at rest my love , but even though I am not a doctor , all the tests & attention they have given your heart ,I can say it wont be that , they would no hun

Let us no how you go on





I was told... Your chest wall muscles are the only muscles in your body that never rest. When u sleep your other muscles rest but your chest wall ones are the ones you use for breathing. Therfore they stain easily. If you still have pain and it hurts to move and breathe then it is very likely that it is muscluar. Mine hurts for no reason, doesnt hurt to move or to breathe in etc thats why i dont feel like its muscular. Im sure yours is dont worry :) xxx


Thanks whywhy and maria i am sure you are right i agree totally and know what you say is prob right but then an hour goes and there i go again questioning or but what if its like your mind over rules again but yes like you say at docs tmw so hoping that it helps but you 2 always make me feel better thanks me lovelies hope you both doing well love you xxxxxxx


I had pleurisy many years ago and this is what it feels like. Sharp stabbing pains when you breathe. Went away afeter a week or so, no problems since. Hope you get sorted out what the problem is. All the very best.


There is also something called precordial catch syndrome which I have had a good few times since I was a teenager. there is no known cause for it, it is not your heart but is a sharp pain and worsens when you try to breathe. it is muscular, can be caused by posture, over breathing and anxiety, but no one cause. Haven't had it for years but the pain was so sharp I thought it must be something bad. it is totally harmless. perhaps worth asking your gp if it could be this. Apparently heart pain does not change with breathing.


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