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My own advice

I could do with taking my own advice health anxiety through the roof . That's 2 days in s rows I have passed blood in stools when went to toilet . made an apt but can't get 9th feb so will have to keep trying for urgent one in morning .

Why when you are calming down and anxiety at low level do these things happen

Deep breathsi have already been out for 2 walks ! Off to have peppermint tea x

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I really feel for you as I too suffer from severe health anxiety. Like you just as I start to feel calmer something happens that sets me off again.

Blood in stools is absolutely terrifying isn't it! I've had it too and rushed to the doctor. After an examination, I was told it was a burst blood vessel and not to worry about it.

That was 2009 and I still occasionally get a bit of blood. Blows my mind every time but I try and remember what the doctor said and stay calm.


I know it's awful . I had it last year its was haemmorrhoids but it's scares me more now as my anxiety is triggered and a fear of cancer aftery mums diagnosis and my BRCA 2. My health anxieyy is fear of the big C . So very pain and symptom I tjink thats it I've got cancer im going to die .

I wish I had a reset button for my brain



It is really frightening when something like this happens & I think even for those that don't have anxiety something like this would make them feel slightly anxious , but with those wil anxiety we always think the worse scenario it could possibly be when most of the time it can be something as simple as piles or even a little cut causing it

You are doing the right thing keep trying for an appointment before the one you have on the 9th

Do they ever ask you if it is an emergency when you phone to ask to see a doctor

Ours do & I say yes if I want to get peace of mind quick because if it is worrying me then to me that is an emergency

I hope you manage to get in soon & let everyone know how you got on x

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It happens because your body is hyper stimulated. Even when you are calm, your body is so used to being over sensitive and hyper vigilant that it will continue to shoot off anxiety. This can take months for your body to return to a non reactive state. It's just about not responding with stress when new symptoms come because new ones do. You have to stay as calm as possible or you continue to further stress the body and prolong anxiety recovery


Thanks everyone today's been a proper roller coaster ! Yes will be phoning improve for urgent appt problem is my survey is busy the appts go so quick.

I have had anxiety for about 9/10 months coming on it has improved since beginning but it's still very much present. I start more

Counselling soon so fingers crossed


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