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Back to work - a start - going to be hard

Hi Guys

So after a full on breakdown I got back to work.

Finished second day.

It is hard, my anxiety is constant, my concentration is shot and I have lost most of my confidence. It is weird suddenly doing things that I have easily done in the past are scary. I realise after the last two weeks of hell that this has been coming on gradually form months.

I am trying to remember that I have been very ill,but I am struggling with guilt that I am not performing how I would like to. I hope I can get over this and get back to managing my illness and not letting it define me.

Still early days yet.

By the way my colleagues and boss have great, I am so lucky this way as I know that some of you have not had such a good response. In the end though the person that really needs to be kind to you is you, a lesson that I will learn.

I'll let people know how I get on. Thanks for all your support.


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MattBuckland, congratulations on getting back to work. The most important part about healing is having supportive people around you which it seems you have in your boss and colleagues. Good Luck!


Hi Agora

I realise more and more that letting people in is so important, need to work on the mindset that I don't deserve it.

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch.


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Hello Matt

Well done :-)

This is a big step and yes you have to remember you have been ill and also if this had been any other illness you were recovering from you may not be so judgmental on how you are doing but with anxiety we tend to be , but you must give yourself credit , I think you are doing fantastic !

So pleased your colleagues are so supportive , let them support you to as I am sure you would if they ever needed it

Keep us updated , it is always good to read that despite anxiety people can and do move forward again :-)

Take Care x


Hi Bounce

As before your comment is appreciated.

The remembering how ill I was and being kind to myself is hard but I will endeavour to do this.

All the best



Hi mart I can relate to the lack of concentration and loss of confidence I worry about going back to work because of the concentration issue and if I will be able to perform. Well done for getting back and good luck


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