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my first hypnotherapy session

Well it is too early to say if hypnotherapy will have a long-term improvement but it certainly got me buzzing around - I went to sainsburys alone and in argos, boots (shock horror on the first floor) and tesco with the OH and toddler and was fine - hope that continues :) I've booked a concert in December...

How to describe the therapy? Well the relaxation part was very similar to that suzy mantel meditation cd that was recommended, the more suggestive part focused on being in a non-descrpt room that had a body sized mirror (though my room for some reason was white with lots of purple fluffy cushions and rugs), and in this mirror was my mentally and physically stronger self (which my mind decided was Lady Saabra - my fantasy character, complete with purple hair, shiny silver armour and velvet forest green cape, best not dig too deep into that one lol) and lots of suggestions regarding the complete absence of fears, phobias, anxiety and ibs in this place. So far I'm glad I've taken this route - it has had an effect so far and the therapist, who suggested at first it may take 3 sessions, now believes it will only take 1 more - although I will have to maintain it with the cd/literature that she will give me - I also can't believe 45 minutes passed in this state, only felt like 15/20 minutes...

I will advise that this does not work for everyone, it requires a certain amount of relaxation and positivity that is not always possible with anxiety - have to admit I thought I would struggle to relax ;)

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I have hypnotherapy and it has helped me a lot, I have to keep listening to my CDs every so often as like a top up, and I'm booked to go back next week because I have a lot of big changes going on and I haven't been coping very well with them having some really bad attacks, I thought I'd struggle to relax too but once you've been a couple of times it just seems to come naturally. I have tried listening to my CDs while having a panick attack and that didn't help I just got really irritated! Which reminds me I should be listening to my cd! Hope it works for you too and agree it doesn't work for everyone but when it does its fab :-) xxx


Oh that does sound good Saabra,

I love purple hair shiny silver amour and a velvet forest green cape, :-) WOW ?

Seriously, that hypnotherapy sounds good

Wish you all the best with it

Baylien of Darnassus xxx


That sounds really positive, Saabra.

I really hope this is the beginning of your journey to recovery.xxx


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