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Second Time

Hi everyone,

second time posting on here, hence the title.. I feel this may be a recurring theme!

I've had to come off my meds, they where sending me crazy.. literally, I was getting anxious about things that have never bothered me before, like walking to the shop and going out for dinner with my best friend! I wasn't myself, I was crying every night my head was all over the place, I wasn't eating and I just felt terrible.

So here I am, off my meds, feeling better but still not myself.

The following week may be the most nerve wracking week of my life, I've just left university and I have a really important job interview on Friday, my dream job, and I'm already a mess just thinking about it, the thought of having to get on public transport to go there is killing me more than the actual interview!

Then I go on holiday on Monday, which involves a 5 hour flight, I don't even know how I'm going to do this. Does anyone have any self help tips or reading material that could help me out before this? Because I somehow think having several gin and tonics beforehand probably won't help me out at all!

So yeah, here's another post. Writings helping me a lot with this. It helps me get things off my chest, my boyfriend doesn't really understand what I'm going through and my mother just worries, and my Grandad is just tip toeing around me, which I do not like at all.

But speaking on here, I feel a lot braver, which in return is making me feel a lot happier with myself for finally being able to speak out.

Love A XXX

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I'm so glad you're finding blogging to be such a help with your anxiety, it's been a complete life saver for me and you won't find a more lovely, supportive bunch of people :)

First of all, GOOD LUCK for Friday. I think for anyone, with anxiety or not, an interview for a dream job would be very nerve-wracking. In an odd way, maybe your worry over going on public transport to get there is a blessing in disguise. It may take a large portion of your mind off the interview nerves and once you've arrived at the interview hopefully you'll feel very proud of yourself for already accomplishing something big!

Alternatively, if the journey is really panicking you, maybe you could reverse the above idea and entirely focus on your research materials ready for the interview whilst travelling there to take your mind off being on public transport?

With the flight, I can definitely sympathise with your nerves. I myself don't go on holiday at all because of the anxiety that surrounds it and I think you're being very brave and I really hope you have a lovely time once you're there :) The last time I went away from home I wanted to find a distraction too and actually found Michael McIntyre's autobiography to be amazingly helpful haha! It was so funny and light-hearted and didn't feel like a chore to read and it really took my mind off things :)

Best of luck.

Katy xx


You wrote the right thing to do ... speak out! There are no contraindication! It's good that you're out of med. You can start to produce your natural endorphine with sports. :)

I personally write my diary as well ... it's useful. Learn to love youself.




I had to return to the UK from New Zealand last year for my Dad's funeral, ( we had lost my Mum in March). My anxiety levels were very high and I really didn't think I would be able to go, although I kind of knew I had to. I talked with my psychologist about this and he said to break everything down into small steps, which I did and did get back to the UK and was fine on the 26 hour flight and subsequent stay in the UK.. I break most things I do now into small steps and find it works for me.... the bigger picture is too scary. As for your interview, everyone is nervous and anxious for an interview and you would be unusual if you weren't. Just break it down, small tiptoey steps and you will get there. I do wish you all the very best and have a great holiday. xx


i,I agree with jeffju,take one step at a time,live in the here and now,don't think about what comes next,might sound weird,but it works for me,went on a 4 hr and half hr flight to lanzarote for 2 weeks,was very anxious the week before I went,the day we left I put my bags in the car,my husbands good humour had me laughing,i didn't think of the flight,I kept my mind on what was being said in the car,when we arrived at the airport,I did the same,sat watching people,before long it was time to board,I got on the plane,sat down,and I realised I wasan't anxious,Iwas relaxed,kept my mind on the flight,had tea,even had a sleep,before I knew it we were in lanzarote,and I couldn't believe what I had done,couldn't understand why I was so worried about it all,and I was so happy,sorry going on so much,but this really works,I had the best holiday ever,but you have live in the


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