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Does anyone else think they suffer from health anxiety?

I think I may suffer from health anxiety. But I was wondering if I could get some people stories on their health anxiety?

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I do and have done for 20 years off and on.

I'm always on edge checking for signs of illness and worrying I may have something - always serious of course! :-)

Frightened of doctors, hospitals, dentists and opticians and can't watch any fiction or fact medical TV programme as I know it'll start me off.

I hit the Google button which ALWAYS finds the worst case scenario adding to the already trembling fear I have.

A silly little thing which 99% of people would ignore as nothing can send me worrying for days on end.

If that sounds like you then, yes, you have health anxiety I'm sorry to say.


Well I actually don't avoid the doctors. The doctors is like my second home. I've been to the doctors in sooooo many times in just 1 month. My insurance had to call me because I kept going so many times. Every time I feel a little sick or find something on my body I go to google and find what's wrong with me and I just work my anxiety up bad. Every time something is "wrong" with me. I go to the ER I went so many times to 1 ER that I couldn't go there anymore because they don't take me seriously and they always tell me that I'm fine. It's sooo bad.


Yes I have it and I hate it what gets me is it seems no one understands an I think what if something really is wrong an they don't take me serious and I will not go to doctors unless I'm practically forced hope you feel better


Yeah that's how I feel. What if something really is wrong with me and I have to go to the hospital but I can't because people won't believe me. It's so hard.


I keep thinking and praying this too shall pass an try to stay positive that I will get better I have to believe this an try not to think upon it too long it's very hard but we are stronger than we think. I pray you have a blessed day xx


Thank you so much. I pray all the time and I know god heard my prayers. I just need to have better faith. Faith that I will get better.


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