Sainsbury the BFG's

Here goes,

There are many many lovely people on this site.One or two have noticed that I have not been my usual self today so I am going to blame it on my local branch of Sainsbury. Ho Ho.

Recently I have been trying to get my wife to take a break from caring for me 24/7.But she won't bless her.

So says I let's see about buying me a wheelchair and perhaps I can come down the Town with you and do a bit of shopping and have a bite to eat. a wheelchair....I might have well been looking for a Rolls Royce.We wanted a fold up one so that it would fit in a taxi.The cheapest one we found was £299 and that didn't

even make the tea.

Ah Ha me thinks I'll try E Bay.Success I found one for £39 50.Downer.... it was "spares or repair" it only had one wheel.

So good old internet a quick look round and Yes the good old Red Cross would let me "borrow" one for £20 plus delivery.

So on Saturday armed with said arrives and off to Sainsbury.

It was good,there was another wheelchair user there and we had a race around the aisles.We lost so I told the wife to lose some weight.

Shopping done we headed for the wide aisle checkout and placed our shopping on the conveyor belt.....In front was a large gentleman with an even larger bottom.........My God I whisper to the wife "I hope he doesn't fart. Sitting in a wheelchair one's nose can find itself in funny places.

Conveyor belt starts to roll ,wife runs off to do the packing.Shopping all packed and in the trolley.Then comes the BFG Cashier.Big fxxxing Gremlin.£69.98 she says.

So trusty debit card into machine pin number entered.......Bang.......Transaction declined.Try again says the BFG............Bang same result...........Now BFG is out of order "You old people should check you have enough money to pay,now someone's got to put all that back.

A few sniggers from the mounting queue behind.

Wife starts to cry......BFG out of order...........I may be old but I knew I had more than enough to cover that order. Grogboy now going all shades of purple.Get me the manager I demand at full voice. Oh what a surprise Manager not available.Over comes checkout Supervisor.Clearly a VIP Her uniform is a different colour.

"I can hold your shopping for half an hour says VIP If you have enough money in your account you can go to the bank and pay for your shopping by cash.

Now ,safely,I can only walk 25yds.Bank is half a mile away.

Grogboy in terrible rage.Leaves wife with trolley,abandons wheelchair and stumbles up to bank,

Card goes in cash machine,,,,pin entered,,,,out comes money!! Grogboy goes into bank and starts to have a go.Sorry sir says the cashier may we check your card.A few seconds later she returns."Nothing wrong with your card sir must be a fault at Sainsbury.

Grogboy looks at watch. Only ten minutes before trolley is snatched from wife and contents returned to their places. Grogboy rushes (well almost) back to Sainsbury.

Wife is still waiting at rear of checkout surrounded by two security guards in case she runs for it without paying.

But what's this? A note on the front of the checkout.


Manager appears...."Sorry sir " he says "it appears the machine was faulty"

Grogboy looks in trolley In the first bag is a family sized raspberry trifle.....Grogboy looks at manager's nice bald head.

No tempting but can.t be bothered.

Result we return home,poor wife still in tears, I go to bed exhausted, can't sleep pain in back pain in chest,legs like jelly.Still got pain, still worried,still can't sleep. But thanks to whywhy I've got this off my chest so the pain might go.

If you managed to read all this I owe you a medal




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25 Replies

  • I would just like to add a quick N.B.

    Had I been well that raspberry trifle would have been splattered all over the managers head

    Upon returning home I phoned Sainsbury's head office at my own expense.After being on the phone for fifteen minutes and speaking to 3 different people I was offered a voucher for

    £5.00 to be spent in sainsburys of course.How generous can one get?

  • Wheres my medal , I have read it all :-)

    I am guilty of finding parts funny , not that it was , its just the great way you tell it , you actually tell it all so well , you feel you are there ;-)

    Well I can now see for sure why Sainsburys is on your list !

    I would give them an extra large candle where the sun don't shine :-D

    I no you cant change what happened & I do feel sorry for your wife in all this as well bless her

    (you have a good one there by the way , but I no you no that )

    But if getting it all out has helped , then I feel good to , that you felt you could blog

    I do hope you feel better soon , you really do deserve to




  • Thank you so much :-) :-)

  • Hi Grog,

    That does sound like a day full of hassle.

    I hope at least you got some nice nibbles to eat !

    All the best



  • Long time no see



  • Hi Grog,

    I've been practicing what I was preaching lol,

    Lots of gardening, walking etc too

    making the most of this sunny weather

    hope your well



  • ROFL, you crack me up, ive changed my mind and want to go shopping with you. how bloody rude are the staff at your sainsburys. i would have demanded an apology over the tannoy system. basterds. your poor wife, nobody should have to put up with that treatment. so what are you going to spend all your compensation on. but the manager a get well soon card and just write for future reference in it lol xxx good boy not wasting the trifle xxx

  • Cookie.

    That cashier's remark did hurt and upset me and the fact that I had to dash up the high street has set me back quite a bit.And the poor wife .....that made me feel so sad.

    It,s funny though.In our local paper there have been complaints against,drunks in Chatham high street,junkies,teenagers and the disabled on there electric scooters.

    Soon there will be no one left in Chatham high street who does not conform to what someone thinks is socially acceptable.

    As an ex drunk and oap I guess that I will be banned soon!

    Lovely to hear from you



  • hi mate, im an ex junkie, clean now for 17 years but i turned to drink for years after as a crutch. my sister also had a problem with drink, she lives in chatham lol, but she is getting there. hoodies scare me more than drunks or junkies, they do violent things for kicks. be careful you dont get barred from sainsburys lol. ive been barred from a few pubs but how humiliating would it be from a supermarket lol, no street cred left ha ha xxx

  • Oh no

    I didn't know there was a member of the Cookie gang living in Chatham.Now I shall be afraid to go out!

    Just a quick question......My daughter when she mails me says ROFFL

    Is ROFL just a more polite version?

  • i imagine so lol, as is ROFFPML lol xi would be afraid too lol, Tara is just like me ha ha

  • Thanks for that.Next time my daughter mails me she will get ROFFPML back at her.

    I may be missing for some time now as I have to get a sign made to stick on the back of my wheelchair.

    Something like NO TARA COOKSTERS ALLOWED WITHIN TEN MILES.If she does happen to see a purple Grog with this sign attached it could be me!


  • How ru since the sainsbuery episode love,bet it took it out of u isn't it.,hope ur feeling better now hugs xxxxx

  • Louise thanks so much.Glad to say that the wife is better.Sadly it has set me back a lot.Went to bed on Saturday with chest pains,back pains and wobbly legs.Only slept for two hours.Just praying it is anxiety and nothing more serious.Write to you in more detail soon I hope.



  • How ru sweetheart and ur good lady hope ur both a little better,hasn't it been a lovely day,iv got quite sunburned and have had dare I say it ,a good day,for which I'm very grateful .xxx

  • Great Great news.You've got sunburned so where have you the garden perhaps.

    So glad you've had a good day.

    I am just starting to surface from Saturday's debacle at Sainsburys.

    It set me back a bit but the wife is fine now

    Thankyou .....Take care



  • Hope an pray you and your wife feel better!!!!

  • Thank you.Your kind thoughts for both of us are greatly appreciated



  • Ok love u take care hugs to u and family xxxx

  • SAINSBURYS hold ur head in shame.

  • Are you aware that there are many consumer review sites on the web?

    If you feel up to it Grog try somewhere like CIAO and blast this branch of Sainsbury all over the web!!Absolutely disgusting customer service

    All the best

  • Yes I agree with Berrty,

    Consumer Watchdog is another good review site.They may even take Sainsburys to task themselves.

    So sorry about you and your poor wife

  • Further to my comment yesterday.

    If you have kept your till receipt it should give the time and till number at which you checked out.If you write to Sainsburys head office they will be able to identify who served you and at least reprimand and re train this person.

    This has obviously caused you and your wife great distress don't let them get away with it

  • Thanks berrty I am going to do exactly what you suggest.I am ill and suffering even now

  • Well done Grog,

    In future I will shop elsewhere

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