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A man stirs next to me in bed

He's not really here

He's nearly dead.

'Twas just three months today

That in the middle of the night

He sat up and said

"My God I do feel ill"

"You've been saying that for years"

I crossly replied "how many times

have you thought you've died?"

"Go back to sleep or I'll send you to heaven

You know I have to be at work by seven"

On him I crossly turned my back

But then he had a heart attack.

I did not even stir in my sleep

Nor hear him quietly down the stairs creep

To phone the ambulance.

And then he died.

The sirens woke me, the paramedic came

They shocked him and brought him back again

Now I lay awake all night

He grows much weaker,he gets some pain

But I will never sleep again.

I have written this as it was 3 months ago that I put sleep before my husband.Now he is seriously ill with heart failure and it reminds me that my husband is much more important than my work which I have now given up.

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Sad but lovely,but he is still there loving you as well.



So sad but in a way so true.I too have heart failure it is 3.20am and I am lying in bed beside my wife.Like your good self she sacrifices her sleep,her time her own health to care for me.

My prognosis is very poor but that is not my wife's fault.She loves me,she cares for me.Your husband is ill, but like wise you love him you care for him and I will pray for you both.




Just wanted to say that this is beautiful.I am a grown man but it made me cry.Wish you all the best.



Oh Dot, what a beautiful piece of writing ~ and what a horrific experience to have gone through.

Please try to forgive yourself though. You've done nothing wrong.

Do not allow fear and regrets to steal the time you have together now.

Love and Best Wishes,



My heart goes out to you



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