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good afternoon all

Not been on here much life has taken a drastic turn .

Just three weeks ago i was summons to the job centre it appears that some one has to much time on their hands and decided to report that my partner was here to much .

turns ourt we either live tgether or he cant stay here we felt that we had no choice and are living together so in three weeks my life has turned around completley .

He is the only person who understands me and helps me so so much i would not cope without him but we felt that he to needed his space and to be able to escape the anxiety that i carr around with me on a daily basis .

not sure who we will cope with this now but i am sure we will ,

wante to just updated yo uall and say that i am still here but maybe only just .

thank you all

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Hi Bee,

Good to hear from you.

Yes, it would be nice to have made the decision to live together as a couple rather than in these circumstances but I do believe everything happens for a reason and I really hope this is a positive move for you both. A new beginning so to speak. You say he is your rock so try to trust his commitment to you. So often anxiety warps our minds and tells us rubbish. (And I don't know about you but I only ever hear the rubbish not the good stuff!!!!) You deserve to be loved Bee and you deserve to be happy :) I really hope this is it for you.

Love and Best Wishes,


Sorry to hear this Bee , some people have nothing better to do

Are you not allowed to have someone stop , so many days , say 3 , I thought as long as someone isn't stopping every day & they don't contribute , it was ok , but I no this system keeps changing so maybe that has as well

But like Liz says , everything happens for a reason & you do deserve to be loved

Let us no how it goes





Lizard you are right i only hear the rubbish stuff , not the postivie ..

yOou are both right things happen for a reson and so far finges crossed all is going really wellll i think we both feel more content knowing where we stand .

i am such an insecure person its tears me a party find it hard to trust at the best of time ..

thanks guys for your support


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