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Bad day

Seemingly my life is going great, in the passed few months everything has completely turned around and then i have a bad day .. like today.... tears tantrums and arguements and that was just me! Ive smashed a serving dish out of pure frustration. Ive argued with the enemy who definately chose the wrong day to pick a fight. The kids have drove me to the point of despair. Im a blubbering mess :'(

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Don't we give ourselves a bad time when we have a bad day

You have said you have been having some good times & yet today it wasn't so good

I think even people without anxiety have days like this

I have days when it feels everyone is driving me to despair & maybe they are ;-)

You have done so well , please don't feel down because today has got to much

I really hope tomorrow is better for you hun , take some time for you & pamper yourself





Hi whywhy i think yesterday was a build up of tiredness anxieties and frustration. I barely slept last night and today i have a play day at my house with ten children coming! Im going to need all the strength i can summon up i think. Yesterday though was just rediculous the arguement i had with the enemy was because i dared to make plans for when he had the kids oh and because i assumed he was having the kids when i was at work at the weekend. But having had him fly off the handle at me should be the one to appologise!! I dont think so im way passed the point of appologising for myself! Can you tell im still pretty wound up by it all? I can actually feel my skin tingling and im fidgeting uncontrolably. Urgh Im just so exhausted i just want to curl up and sleep :-(


I no what you are saying

I am lacking sleep at the moment & that is when I go of my head & snap etc

I feel for you been tired with all those kids

As for the OH (sorry men ) when do they ever do what we expect them to do

Think that's where we go wrong , should expect them to be akward & then they wont disappoint

As soon as you can get some well deserved rest



I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a bad day, I really hope you've come down from the upset and frustration now - but if you haven't, that's okay!

We all have difficult days where we just blow a fuse - some of us will argue, some will just retreat and feel really low and other people might have a relapse moment (I, for example, pull my hair and would start doing this when things start to get too much... others might have that one cigarette just when they thought they'd been able to quit!).

We're all allowed days like these and I think it's perfectly normal, just please don't view this as a set-back. We're all entitled to a day like this, and it's unrealistic to expect that every day goes great when we're on the road to recovery, so please don't feel down about it :) It's probably good to have got all the frustration out in one go - you may find it was just what you needed to continue your really positive progress :)

Sending big hugs, tomorrow is another day :)

Katy xx


Hi katy sorry about the delay in replying ive had yet another busy day just as well really gives me less of a chance to over think things.

Your right my bad days vary too. If it werent for the school holidays my bad day would have more than like been hiding under the duvet ignoring the world.

Thankyou for your message of support tomorrow its just me n the kids so a pj and dvd day i think :-) xx


Ahh PJ and DVD days are the best, I hope you have a nice relaxing day :) xx


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