I had a really good day on Sunday and felt quite positive up until 6pm and then after taking the dog for a walk and then chatting to a neighbour I suddenly felt the old nausea, 'fainty' sort of feeling coming on again. Then the next day back to anxiety, so disappointing. I wonder if this happens when I need food as I was a bit late having a meal on Sunday.evening. Can this happen and make the anxiety worse? I wish it would all go away! I guess you all wish the same. cotonroad


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  • I've read on lots of websites that diet and what time you eat at can contribute to anxiety but I asked my Therapist her take on it and she said she doesn't believe that plays any part in it.

    I would try to be inclined to agree with her as I've ate for different times different foods and didnt feel any anxiety.


  • thanks for your reply XX

  • No I dont think so either. It was clearly talking to your neighbour that sressed you out. Dont blame you talking to mine does that. :)

  • I have the same thing sometimes. I was doing really well until suddenly I came over feeling all downhearted. After that the anxiety gradually crept back in.

  • I find it helps a lot to eat regularly - especially lunch. If I leave it too long before I have lunch I start to feel worse. Surprised that my appetite has actually got better since I started getting anxiety attacks!

  • The same thing happened to me last week and I started to think here we go again tomorrow is going to be horrible, but then I told myself no it doesn't have to be it's just a funny feeling you will be fine tomorrow, and it really did help. I'm convinced that positive thinking helps anxiety more than anything. My favourite saying is " Don't worry about yesterday because it's gone and don't think about tomorrow because it's not here" take care xx

  • Thanks very much it all helps, why do we have this, I'm sure I did nothing to deserve being this way. I have noticed the folk who have anxiety and depression are usually have a sensitive, and caring nature. I think thats why it hits us harder because we are vulnerable, or at least thats my theory XX .

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