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Not sure how to feel

Hi everybody.

Been awhile since i last posted on here. Think im sufferin from a touch of health anxiety as i dont feel myself lately feel tired drained stomach feelin really tight and knotted if i lie on it. Chest pains again not as bad as i used 2 get them thankfully but im feelin run down aswell constantly catchin a cold throat always got that funny feelin in it lately 2. But i must say ive felt alot better than i did 12months ago when this all started. Not sayin its been a perfect ride but better since i know the feelins and wot it is. X

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I am exactly the same, I have been coping really well for about 18 months then all of a sudden I start to worry about pains and aches then they get worse and eventually its a bit out of control at the minute. I'm reeally tired all the time but my consellor does say thats cause I use so much energy worry about the what ifs!! Are you on meds ? I have been put back on citalopram so just waitning for those to kick in, hope you are feeling better soon xx


Hi gilly yea its such a wierd feelin 2 have constantly!! Nope never been put on meds so not sure if its a good thing or not?? But ive been on holiday in lanzarote for the last 2 weeks an i left great untill last sunday when i woke up panicin 4 sum reason. And had a rough week wiv all the feelins but ive carried on wiv my holiday as normal havent let it get me down like i dis last year and ruin my holiday!!! Xx


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