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Yesterday I did get a bit tired and that seems to be when I start having sort of heart misbeats and feeling a bit ubnsteady. I am very unsettled and even standing for long I feel a bit faint. I had a rather stressful day helping with a sale and I think a lot of the problem is anxiety, I think it can cause the physical symptoms as well as the mental 'wind up' Damm thing why doesn't it go away, Ive done nothing to deserve it, but have any of us? Love from cotonroad

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Hi cotonroad

Sorry you have not felt great

I think you seem to have the answers , when I get tired , symptoms can get worse

Then as you have said you had a stressful day yesterday , which we can cope with 7 then the day after we start to feel the effects :-o

Keep going , we will all get there , don't give up

Hope you feel a bit better now




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