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I'm Alive...barely!

So thought I'd check in after my near death experience last night(being dramatic again :-) )

Anyway gym went well, had my induction and then got straight onto the exercise bike, the machines all have heart monitors(comforting and scary all at once) so I was on that for 15 mins and heart rate stayed at an even 120 BPM, I was okay with. Went onto the treadmill next and walked for the first couple of minutes and then started jogging, heart rate went up to about 130-135 still I was okay with this. Onto the Cross Trainer, was on that a matter of minutes and my heart rate shot up too 170...well that was me jumped off that as if some had shot a dart up my bum. Got such a fright I thought "right that's enough for tonight"

On the back of it I've still got my chest pains this morning and I think I've pulled my muscle in my leg lol!!

But I'm still here to tell the tale so I guess that's a massive positive :-)

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Hi Ashley, jumping off the cross trainer did make me laugh, I can just imagine it! But as you said, you're still here, so all good! Hopefully you had a good night's sleep last night too after all that exercise...


Well done Ashley xxx


Thanks guys :-) x


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