CBT on the NHS?

I've just recently been diagnosed with anxiety / stress after having months of palpitations, chest pain, lethargy etc. I've been put on a course of Citalopram, and my GP provided me with some details of local therapy centres etc. I've tried all of them, and they all want me to pay the full private rate (generally around £40 per hour!), due to my apparently "high" earnings.

My stress is largely due to financial worries in the first place, as money is exceptionally tight at the moment. How can they justify this extortionate rate? It's enough to make someone stressed!!!


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  • I am having CBTon NHS your Dr can refer you I'm sure....

    Good luck xxx

  • I would see if you can get CBT through your GP free, its just as good.

    If you have to pay, make sure you like and feel you can open up to the therapist completely. Its going to cost a bit, thats for sure.

    With anxiety it can burn us out, so we have to take a step back, disconnect the supercharger :-) and be kind to ourselves. Dont expect instant results, as anxiety feeds on impatience.

    Dont expect your body to obey orders as much, work with yourself, learn to care for yourself too.

    Its all about kindness to yourself, patience and going slowly, something I'm guessing you don't like doing at all.

    Wish you every success



  • Sorry, I deleted the above post as I accidentally pressed the reply button half way through.

    My wife says, I'm always going off half cocked

    Haha, not really just a little joke to raise your spirits.



  • Half cock is better than none!

  • haha :-)

  • Baylien, CBT has to be intensive to work for people suffering like us. We need to develop a trusting relationship with the therapist before we feel ready to open up and work through our issues, this will never be available on the NHS.

  • Hi agora,

    I'm finding the NHS really good now, after 30 yrs of waiting for something decent.

    I've had EMDR worked remarkably well. and I'm still practicing

    Councilling, good stuff,

    more EMDR even better

    now CBT, jury is out, but only my 3rd session, I'm enjoying ther practicing too.

    I do trust all of them and just speak totally openly, and am finding it all very positive.

    I may be lucky in my area, not sure, but I would recommend them all so far.

    All the best



  • I think talking here, like AA group therapy has as much value as CBT.

  • Must depend on your Postcode I suppose....

  • Ive been referred for CBT by my doctor, last August I think, they rang about 2 months later to assess me over the phone and \im on a list waiting, so thats about 8 or 9 months..... !!

    So it could take some time before you get it, a friend recommended a private person but thats £70 per hour and I cant afford it.......


  • ive had cbt but i keep getting messed about, it was free and i refered myself but having no joy. i think i might go talk to my doctor to see if he can refer me to someone else

  • I had cut via NHL free of charge and it was over the phone so even when I was too ill to go out of the house I still could carry on my therapy, keep pushing it does help but you have to fight for it with the doctors as there is such a demand. Good luck

  • CBT is common sense spoken in illicit jargon.

  • I have telephone counselling and has been a great help. Not sure how widely available it is though.

  • Money or riches doesn't make the anxiety better, there are many well know people who suffer and if money could buy a cure they would be first to take advantage. l. you should have one course of CBT on the NHS and can demand that. cotonroad

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