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Anxiety and depression

Hi guys hope your all well I know I'm not everyday seems to be getting worse I'm on diazepam everyday I feel constantly sick and ill I hardly sleep god it's crap but enough moaning :) I was wandering if any one can help I've had bad anxiety since I was 14 but as I say it's getting worse I can't go in public places now without having a panic attack anxiety is ruling my life ! I have just applied for dla does any one else get it for anxiety or depression ?thanks again

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sorry to hear you are not well. I have lived with panic and anxiety for many years now and I can perhaps understand how awful you may be feeling. I am not sure about your entitlement to DLA. In theory, DLA covers mental health issues. However, entitlement is assessed on an individual basis and is linked to many variables so even if someone else with the same mental health problems gets it that does not imply that you may. Also, udgets have been cut severely. Therefore, the best way is to ask the relevant authorities if your case entitles you to receive an allowance.

My experience with diazepam is that it should be taken very carefully. Long term use can cause dependency and can actually make your anxiety worse because your body begins to develop tolerance. In the end, diazepam perpetuates the symptoms you started using it for and actually makes them worse. I assume that you take it under medical supervision in which case your doctor should help you with dosage and tapering if needed.

I found that panic attacks are best treated with Propanolol. It is a beta blocker. Basically it stops the production of adrenaline and therefore sort of kills off the panic attack. If the reason why you cannot sleep is linked to night terrors, taking one before bedtime helps to control heart rate throughout the night and you should be able to sleep better. Also, unlike diazepam, propanolol does not have addictive properties so it is safer to use. Again, speak to your doctor about it and see if that could be a solution that is suitable for you.

The other thing that I suggest you do is to speak to a good CBT therapist. In my experience, it is the best form of therapy for anxiety and panic disorders. It empowers you to take control of your mental processes because a lot of anxiety is created by our own faulty thinking. In turn, that reduces your need to take medication and improves your chances of recovery.

Hope this helps.


Hi yes thanks for reply yes take diazepam when needed only 2 mg a time do not want to get addicted I just feel terrible every day 90 per cent of the day I have done cbt waiting for a intensive course now :( it's horrible I just want to feel normal also have had that propanol sorry if not spelt wrong made me really ill currently on pregnablin takes the edge off it but not too much I'm kind of weird I can't go out to places like the docs as I feel panicky sick and feel like passing out did you suffer this I really have had enough now would love to be normal I have no life just my kids and family really getting me down


So sorry you feel this bad. I can relate to the wanting to feel normal again. I am sure many others do too. Anxiety is a really difficult beast to live with but it can get better eventually even if very slowly.

Propanolol reduces the heart beats dramatically so it stops you panicking physically but it does not get rid of the symptoms in your head. Your brain continues to work overtime. That can make you feel very odd at times.

The amount of diazepam you take is fairly low dosage although I don't know how many time you take it and how long you have taken it for. Remember that diazepam has a long life inside the body so it makes more sense to take a higher dose twice a day than the same amount divided into smaller doses across the day.

I have never used pregabalin but I know it is an anticonvulsant that used in small dosage can help anxiety quite a lot. It takes a while to feel the benefits and the dose has to be adjusted with your doctor supervision until you do feel better.

I don't know your history but sounds like antidepressants could be good for you if you tolerate them. Just hang on in there! Once you find the way you will get better!!


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