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Felt Really down Today

Hay guys normally I write on here about my anxiety but today I'm just writing a blog about how down iv felt today and for what? I don't know, I woke up in a strange mood, and the day has'nt been any different to any other day, iv just felt really down and off, iv been off with the mrs to but I have'nt ment to be. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a new and better mood.

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Hi Rob

Sorry you have felt down today.....but it's good to hear you know tomorrow doesn't have to be the same and that it can bring a better mood/day...I hope it does !

Sue xx


Thank you :)


Well Ithink we all have days like that rob, and for no apparent reason. Today is bank holiday and I woke up earlier than usual and not feeling good. I did all my housework this morning and kept busy. Now I'm going out for the rest of the day. I know the low mood will pass - probably by this evening. I'm sure you'll feel ok again soon.


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