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Visit to the doctors

Yesterday I had to go to the doctors as they are keeping an eye on my medication. I told him about my step-son asking if I wanted to be sectioned! I told the doctor that I was getting to the point where I felt I just needed to say what people want to here.

He did talk to me about going into hospital voluntary but I've said no, I don't want to go there again. He has promised to do everything he can to help me stay in my own home.

I have bereavement counselling today.

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Hi tinks

I think youre doing well under the circumstances.................

good luck with the counselling today............. I really wish I could something to alleviate your pain...

Sending you hugs and hope



Hi tinks.

My heart goes out to you. You have suffered a great loss so you will feel lots of difficult emotions because of that. I'm glad you have seeked help - this will help you a lot. It sounds like you are doing well though which is a relief; keep doing what you need and be patient with/kind to yourself.

Best wishes.


Thank you for your comments. I'd give everything I own and am just to see him, now that's made me cry.


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