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and here I am


well well after all the years spent been scared to death and helpless ..i still feel that why.I had a thought (is it my dna is it indeed genetic. The hell that is anxiety has been with me since i was 20 years old .. don't no why it came

... i just no it did and it came with a bang!! but as i look back over my life i can see it started with the on set of my first marriage it was 1980 and yes what happened in that marriage could be the reason for the on set of the enemy with in . But what has made it live with me an old friend ..

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Hi wendy


You sound like most of us on here , all suffering with anxiety some since childhood , some just recently , but all with that common bond of knowing how this feels

I started suffering as a child , I to have a good idea where it all started , now its for me about how to make it stop

This can be done I do believe that

Lots of blogs on here with people saying what they have done to help them , some medication counselling & other suggestions , there is a way , & like me I hope you to will find yours

You are not alone & in some ways that for me made a difference as it could feel such a lonely place , thinking I was the only one suffering , as much as I wouldn't want this for anyone its a relief to no others to feel like me

I hope you find the site a start to getting rid of as you say "an old friend "




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