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Worst night in ages

Ive been doing well recently. Ive had the odd moment where Ive had chest pain or a missed beat but nothing too bad. Then tonight about 10ish I got chest pain and just didnt feel right with it my arms were painful etc. I ignored it for ages telling myself my ecg was fine there cannot be anything wrong. But the feeling didnt go away and I gave in and rang out of hours. Im annoed I gave in but I was scared. Now Im feeling awful. Chest pain comes and goes, tightness comes and goes all these little blasts of a symptom. They last seconds but thats enough to make me worry. I just cannot accept it as anxiety for some reason. Ive had ecgs even a week long one and its all fine. But because I only get physicalmchest symptoms its hard to believe its anxiety. Also I domt get it when nervous or anxious I get it randomly when watching tv or something. Just had chest pain then too. So fed up with this :( xxx

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Dear Maria1207,

I am sorry to read that you are having a rough night. I hope that you feel better soon.

warmest regards,



Get counselling hunny, I go through the same thing and there is an underlying reason for this emotionally, I thought that I should be stronger and it was silly to feel like this but with talking therapy I am now under control of it not it controls me. Stay strong as I know you can feel better. Keep messaging on here too as it helps xx


It is so hard to accept that the mind can create these feelings. I am struggling with this too. I *know* it, but find it hard to really *believe.*

It sounds like you are doing well, and are working hard on persuading yourself it is in your mind, even if you did still ring the doctor.

Hope you have a good day.


Hi maria i am in exactly the same boat as you love i have had them so bad this week and ended up again in hospital wed made my OH take me straight from work my chest is still painful but went to docs fri and he reassured me i was fine but today i feel like it again my chest is tight and feels bruised and so fed up hun so sympathise with you so much we arnt alone we have each other xxxx


Hi, have you considered that someone is downloading negative information into your ear whilst you are asleep. It is a discredited method of psychiatric help that has been taken up and used by Police, gangsters, and security agency's. If you are breaking any law, in debt, or have upset the wrong people then that is probably your problem.

Put simply, they can download the equivalent of an app to fit, in just the way that you can download apps to your mobile, or smart phone.

Best wishes in dealing with your issues.


I'm very confused by your comment


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