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Now to let time pass

good morning,:)

Progress report this morning.

Went to bed last night and feel alseep, was woken around 2am by noise outside, but didn't go into panic mood. I could hear a low base sound from next door, instead of my usual fearful reaction, I stopped and put the techniques I have learnt into practise.

I thought about the noise, was it causing me any great distress, no. I faced my fear.

I accepted that although I was not annoyed my OH would be, so I accepted he would start complaining, which he did but I told him to use his ear plugs.

I allowed myself to float past hubbys complaining, accepted the fact he is annoyed by noise not me. So I am not anxious about noise, I am anxious about his reaction to it. I actually think he likes getting grumpy, lol.

So now I have to let time pass, I still wait up anxious but I have read that is a common thing and will go as my nerves stop being overly sensitive.

I have learnt to stop worrying about tomorrow, now I have to learn to stop worrying about tonight, this afternoon, or the next hour, or minute. But I am making progress :)

I hope everyone else is making some too x

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Hi Tara,

That sounds positive, those 4 concepts are such a lifeline in these situations , Dr.Claire Weekes was a very wise woman.

On the noise front, cant you get the council to deal with it at that time of night. But dont get too involved with that as what your doing sounds perfect.




It actually isn't that loud Baylien. If hubby didn't point it out I wouldn't notice, I sleep through it. He is very noise sensitive, so even though you can't hear the music you can hear a low base. He complains about all noise, a car engine running drives him mad, even the sound of someone swallowing sets him on edge.

I am actually very tolerant of noise because we have a small terrier who loves to bark, and I know that would really annoy other people. It's a case of live and let live. I am working on making hubby more tolerant but to be honest he s my biggest hurdle at times.

Best wishes

T x


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