Struggeling to cope!

Hi everyone,

i am really anxious and panicky all of the time, I am finding it hard to get through the day!

i am shakey, feeling dizzy and light headed also have pins and needles

i have no reason to feel so anxious but am worrying about idiotic things that Im too scared to say outloud!

i feel crazy like I am loosing control

Are there any quick fixes x


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  • Try some exercise to release all that adrenaline. Then have a bath with some essential lavender oil, listen to relaxing music or download som anti anxiety meditation apps. Otherwise you could ask your doc for something to relax you only ask for a few pills as they are addictive but maybe when you feel calmer from one it will put things into perspective and you will realise there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes I wish I had been prescribed with just 1 or 2 pills to calm me down when this all started and things wouldn't have escalated to what it is now it took them 2 months to finally give me Valium which I very rarely take. But I suffered incredibly from worry and fear every moment for 2 months. Hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks I cant take pills with hormones like valium etc so Im pretty much stuck on anxiety overload and dont know what to do! im really scared! X

  • Do you see a therapist? what about booking in a massage or some kind of pamper session with a friend may get your mind of things plus relax you?

  • Hi, I sm supppose to be seeing one next week, but I am terrified about going! i am okay saying things on here as its not to an actual person, I tried CBT in the past but I couldnt behonest about my negative thoughts and anxietys as I worry that they will think I am worse than I am!

    So now I am anxious about that too x

  • Therapists have heard it all so there is nothing to worry about they are there to help you. Just try your best it will be good for you :)

  • Thanks x

  • I am glad your doing well now, I just feel srupid as i have no valid reason to feel like this! i just do!

    i am too worried about addmitting my worries outloud as I know they are idiotic and it will just lead down a slippery slope if that make sense

  • Hun you need to tell them your fears...I promise you they've heard it all. And I also couldn't take meds because of hormones but definitely ask for propranolol as this just stops the adrenaline which causes most of the physical symptoms. Persevere, face your fears and it will get better xxx

  • Thanks!

    How come you couldnt have the hormones?

    i know I should declare all but I am terrified they will think Im nutts and also if they know my secrets they may make me stop and I dont know if I want to (i am now starting to sound nutts!)

    i am supposed to be seeing someone who does assisted self help therapy, its similar to CBT but not thats all they offered me from my initial assessment bit then Again I wasnt honest! i can be on here, I dont know why?

    Not sure what to do which makes me more anxious

    Thanks x

  • Hi I fully understand how you are feeling in the same atm

    Yesterday I had to go into town food shopping my bf came with me but the minute I got out of the car my body was shaking from head to toe and I was all lightheaded don't know what triggered it off coz really there's nothing to feel anxious about its only food shopping that's what I tried telling my self I tried to breath through it but in the end I let it ride it was hard but I did it

    I also felt like I was going to hit the deck this is now happening on s daily basis

    I'm on waiting list for assessment on Tuesday morning for coucling so I'm hoping they can help me more

    Hope this helps kirsty xxx

  • Thanks Kirsty, I have no reason to be anxious or stressed, I just am, my hearts pounding and I keep going light headed no matter where I am! i just keep telling myself that your only anxious it will pass! But it rarley does!

    im now completley panicking about my phsyc assessment next week, shes suggested that I try something like CBT but I dont see that helping as it is just statistics! Also im too scared to be honest both with myself and the counciler!

    Doea this sound stupid? X

  • No it doesn't sound stupid

    Think you need to be open with yrself and the councillor too it will help it won't seem like it to start with but eventually it will

    I've been Avin random attacks for no reason yesterday I was in house all day so y I was so anxious I just don't know tbh a bit like yrself !!!!

    I am hoping right steps help me as they learn you to deal with it too so don't be scared of opening up to the councillor they there to help not judge !!!!

    Cbt supposed to be good xx

  • Have you been to the doctors ? I take kalms they take the edge off for me mine is due to menopause you have to try and relax and try not to panic there are alot of herbal remedies if you dont want medication i was given fluxotine i took it for 4 days felt so ill so stopped i went doctors again he gave me diazapan 2mg to take at night i took it 5 days didnt like how it made me feel so stopped taking it i dont want to rely on drugs if i can help it ...good luck in finding your best options ☺

  • Hi thanks, yeah my doc wants me to try CBT therapy as I can't take most anti anxiety drugs but I will definitely give Kalms a try, thanks

    How does your anxiety effect your day to day life? X

  • You have to remember that these attacks and constant worry is a chemical imbalance. Listen to music and baths are great but will only help for a bit. Go see your doctor. They can prescribe an antidepressant that keep you from having that panicky feeling. I also suffer from the same condition. Treat this as you would if you had high blood pressure or diabetes. Get the right meds! Good luck to you I know it's horrible.

  • The trouble is meds only mask the symptoms you still have anxiety so just trying to cope with things if you can is better in the long run I have been there meds work but only up to a point

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