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Waking up in panic

Wow, your mind can play nasty tricks on you. Last night I did my meditation before bed, fell into a deep sleep and woke up at 6am. I thought about getting up but decided to snooze for an hour.

Big mistake, I had vivid dreams which seemed like there were all happening at the same time. I heard a loud noise but don't know if it was in my dream or reality it woke me with such a start, I had a panic attack.

Still half asleep and totally confused, I just about managed to calm myself. My subconscious mind isn't making as much progress as I thought. It kind of scared me that my fear can still take over my mind and body.

But I have walked the dog, had breakfast and planning on some mindful activities before work. :)

Hope everyone is well xx

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Yes it's not nice having dreams like that kinda unnerves you...

Hope you have a good day at work...

Sue x


Thanks Sue, just heard another blast of noise from next door, so I wasn't dreaming the noise. It's stopped again but I am still on edge.


Yes I've had that, wake up convinced its all true, it gets easier as the day goes the noise was part of the dream it will make you feel anxious....

I have woke up after a horrible dream convinced it was happening, so relieved when it's not....

Hope the rest of your day starts to become anxiety less....



Hi Tara, what a horrible start to the day, it's scary when it comes back, bam, but don't let the b'stard (anxiety) get you down! Hope your day gets better...


Hi Tara,

Ah.......I think we all get these I had one yesterday, I'm sure its to do with the season change, and maybe some unresolved stuff that may need processing. Take it with a pinch of salt like all other symptoms, I know its hard, but practice, practice.

I take each new day, as a beginning, not something to work on from the day before. Start with your mindfullness stuff from the beginning, body scanning, etc.

As Dr. Claire says let time pass, it early days still, your doing so well, its just remembering, start each day as if its the first meditation ever done. Open up with a fresh pair of eyes each day.

Wishing you well




I have lots of very nasty dreams. Only a few are nightmares though thank goodness.

Bev x


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