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Waking up panicking

Had a bad morning today, I woke up panicking which at 5:30 am is really hard to deal with, I didn't take a lorazepam before bed so it might have been that aswell as ibs but I don't want to become reliant on them, but I also don't want to wake up panicking of no reason, back to the docs and hypnotherapist see what they say. I need to break the cycle. :-(

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Sorry you had a bad night , I hope you are feeling a little better now

Yes taking meds & then missing them can interfere with our sleep

You will break this cycle , it takes time , but can be done

Hope you GP will be helpful

Don't give up





Hi, I managed to take all my meds and sleep this afternoon feeling crappy but better then this morning, it just worries me becoming reliant on the meds I'm already on enough! I'm sure the doctor will try their best they've always been pretty good.

Ill never give up :-) thanks for the reply

Love elbo xxx


I always find that mornings are the worst for the anxiety but specially if you haven't managed to get a good night's kip! Your Gp should be able to help but if you don't want to rely on them I have found that a routine before bed has helped like a nice bath and an inspirational book :)

I know it's really not easy but you can do it!

Love Em89


i too am always wake up i a panic always seems worse in morning i do feel for you



Yep mornings are awful some days more so then others and it is definitely hard to get out of I've done it before :-) ill do it again but like you say it's really hard , ill keep you posted on what the doc says xxx


Night panic attacks are the pits aren't they? I hate the gasping and sitting up in fright. So pleased you are jumping right in there to break the cycle.

I've never had hypnotherapy. I'm keen to find out how your experience with it. Does the hypnotherapy concentrate on night panic attacks specifically?


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