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2nd night :-)

Took my anti des again tonight, that's two nights in a row :-) had another good day with just abit of anxiety. Like wen ur chatting with someone and u get abit anxious and think they can tell so it makes u feel even more anxious. I carryed on chatting and ignored it and it went lol

Was sat in the back garden in the sun chillaxing most the day. I was sat there thinking of ideas of how I want to to the back garden. Only thing is got to dig a old shed base out, started but I had to stop. There was just to many spiders, wiid lice and slugs for me to deal with. Its not going to get done it o just sit and watch it thou is it lol

My cat twinkle been done, no more little kittys for her. She walking about like normal bit with the thing round her head. Hope uve all had a nice day xxx

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Well done hun

Keep going , taken mine , have to admit wasn't very happy about it today , but still took it

Glad your day has been good





Morning whywhy.... you keep going too you are doing so well. Oh if the outside world only knew how exhausting our daily battles are. Hope today is good for you the sun is shining here love eve x


Thanx whywhy, ur doing really well, hope I keep it up like u r. Uve inspiade me (not very gud spelling there). U wasnt very happy with it but u still done it :-) ur beating ur fear xxx


Hi donaf you are doing great keep going x I know what you mean about talking. I usually think I'm talking twaddle and stop and make an excuse to escape or beat myself up and think people will think I'm stupid. Yesterday I held a full conversation with a mum from school and I stuck with it and eventually I relaxed a bit. It's soooo draining though. I hate woodlice i picked up a brick in the garden and it was full of them I threw it and they went everywhere ugh! Disgusting I would leave the digging if I were you just relax in the sun have a good day x


Well done donaf and whywhy. Know how hard it is to take new meds. You are both doing so well. I reduced my escitalopram to half dose for a week and not taken one today! Stressful but it hasnt worked. Still on the trazodone and beta blockers though. X


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