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Been to two meetings today,one this afternoon and a new one tonight called SMART,Self Management And Recovery Training.Again,aimed at recovering from addiction and all the issues that go with it including anxiety.Pretty informative and quite different to the other group,lots of food for thought and more importantly,tomorrow,my first look at hypnotherapy,the possible answer to my prayers and yours for that matter.Also got some good information on cbt which for me is part of the recovery route.

I don't believe medication is right for me or works.It may mask the problem,sleeping tablets chemically induce sleep,for me,again,not the answer.

I am able to stay positive because I am feeling better,not fixed,but better than I was,this is due to my attitude being positive and building on that positivity.

I am lucky compared to others,I am able to get help from many different sources quickly due to my previous medical and mental history.Rest assured,I will share everything that I believe to be beneficial to everyone and I hope you are noticing the change in me and this change can be of some help to you.I will beat this,I know I will and so can you.

P.S. It may involve cross dressing!!!!!!

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Sounds like a very interesting day Castle , was starting to wonder where you had gone this explains all

I cant get out , so its interesting to read

The hypnotherapy , years ago , I went , was so anxious he couldn't do it , but as he was trying I had a friend with me & I turned round & she was under instead !

I no you wont have that problem though

I am up to listening & taking notes , but have to say I might have to pass on the cross dressing

But you feel free if it works , just don't forget we need photos though if you do

Pleased you have had another positive day



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