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I need Relationship advice

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I feel like my relationship with the couple I’m dating has strained over the past few days. I think it’s all because of me but it most likely isn’t. They might just be busy with their own lives but They don’t text me often and that is what is increasing my worry. I want to talk to them about it but I feel like I’ve texted them for too much already today. I was the one to enter the relationship so they already have an established relationship.

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Hi Cozyautumnmoon, I would give them a bit of space if you’ve texted them. As you mentioned they may be busy with other things & stresses in life. The relationship should be a 2 way street & not just you making the effort. I’m not having a go just clarifying you’re worth 🌷

I agree with weelin, you’ve done your part by reaching out. If you are in a relationship, I don’t know why it would be so hard for either of them to get back to you, even if it’s a quick “we are dealing with something but will be in touch as soon as possible “.

I'm not sure but I'm seeing you're dating two people? One wonders if they found out about each other and said to themselves maybe I'm not good enough or they don't match up to the other person so they just decide to stop talking. I might be having the wrong thinking of what post is saying so forgive me for being wrong.

Both of my partners are dating and they talked about having me join. All is known and consensual between us. We also figured things out.

Ok. I got it straight now. Forgive me for getting it wrong.

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