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Depression gone !!!

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I am sharing my experience. This is my experience and in no way is it advisable to not follow your doctors recommendations. I have suffered from depression most of my life. I have been on more than 25 different medications, 13 rounds of ECT (I do not recommend this for anybody). Alternative therapies as well. I am now medication free. I have been using and continue to use neuro feedback brain training at home. The device I am using is called MENDI and you can also have this done in a clinical setting. I got this device, as usual, to try and relieve my depression, not thinking that it would work, but I have to try. As it turned out, when the device arrived, I was weaning myself off of medication that was not working. I had taken my last pill and had to wait for two weeks to get new prescription covered by my insurance. During this two weeks, no meds, I realized that I was not depressed and I started sleeping better. (I was taking 2 seroquel, 1 lorazapam, 1 tramacet, to get to sleep). I now take one seroquel and sometimes one tramacet for sleep. The only thing that had changed during this period was neuro feedback training. That was two months ago and I have not been depressed continuously as I was before. Sad, happy, angry, grateful, anxious, all emotions are there and I do experience them. I had to put my dog down, and my sister passed away, and my aunt as well, all in the same week. Sad yes, and before it would have been devastating, but not this time. I have to point out THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE AND I AM SHARING, NOT TELLING ANYONE WHAT TO DO. I just hope that maybe someone will get a benefit from this post.

2 Replies
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Thank you wiz145 for updating us on your progress. It's always wonderful to hearsuccessful stories. We learn from other's experiences. Finding the things that work

for us as individuals may benefit others from giving up

Of course, always go through your doctor. Thanks again :) xx

Nothing I'm doing is helping. Your results sound terrific, and I'd like to look into it.

I'm trying to look up the device you used. The page I found had something for $3,238,270 USD (!) at the top, then two much lower prices at the side. One said 1X Mendi, the other 2X mendi. Did you buy this device yourself, or was it from a health care provider? Which one did you get?

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