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Need Hope anyone found remission with Depression and Anxiety?



Just wondering if anyone has found remission with depression and anxiety. I crashed (breakdown) 4 weeks ago. All job related and not taking care of me. I feel like I have adrenaline going off all of the time.. chest tightness, insomnia, and depression. I started Zoloft titrated to 75mg and and Trazadone 150mg could not tolerate. Unable to sleep, 3 to 4 hours on Trazadone with muscle twitching and jerking. Now reduced Zoloft considering switching to Lexapro, added 25mg of Seroquel for insomnia. I do not like the Seroquel but I am sleeping. Looking for hope here, its been 4 weeks going on 5.

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Yes mine has gone into remission before. I don't know why, but I'm thinking maybe it's because some of my stress went away. Hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks bonkers65 it is so hard when you are in the depths of anxiety with the depression. It is like a switch flipped. I woke up at 5.30am and just layed in bed for 2 hours chest tightness and I can fell the adrenaline and my mucles are twiching everywhere.. just trying to accept... I have to establish a trust with the psychatirst... not sure if switching to Lexapo is the answer, suppose to be a less activating SSRI. In the mean time trying to ride it out.

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I know medication can just allieve some to the sympotms and and not a cure all

For me each time I learn new coping skills. It always seems to come back because I’m a real sensitive person. I guess

I've had both, total meltdowns and/or weeks of despair. For a long time it seemed hopeless but I gradually came out of it and reached to a better state of being than I had even before the really severe symptoms. There's a lot of factors, but the most major was probably medication and positive thinking.

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Thank you for the encouragement... The muscle twitching and chest tightness .. are unrelenting did yo feel like adrenaline was going 24/7 ... I am sleeping with the seroquel so living in gratitude for that .. otherwise insomnia ...

Landshark in reply to 1947treble

just wondering what medications helpe you the best. Its going on week 5 I feel like the depression has lifted but the insomnia and chest tightness constant adrenaline is running. When I am quiet the muscle twitching starts may be the zoloft or my anxiety or both.. I am trying not to hyper focus on the physical symptoms trying to keep busy during the day... but it is hard, can not work in my line of work like this and hate taking the serquel but without can not sleep... I am practicing loving kindness and meditation. but everyday is blending to the next and did I mention it is lonely..

Hi Landshark, I am glad you reached out here. Yes, I have found a way to have a breakthrough from depression. It took a lot of prayer, changing my mindset, support and accountability. I basically began to believe I don't have to be depressed and have learned to stop it before I spiral. I struggled for 20 + years with depression. I was on medication for years and went to counseling. I would do better for a while, but the depression always seemed to creep back in. I still remember how horrible that deep dark feeling is and unable to find happiness. I also remember the struggles with sleeping. I had to take charge of my depression. The medicine does help with the chemical imbalance, but I had to take the steps to not be so hard on myself, not be so judgemental and critical. I had to begin to say positive uplifting things to myself, pray with friends, know God is in control. One activity that has really helped is called EFT - Emotional Freedom Tapping. This method helps incorporate positive self-talk with acupressure points. Here is a link to show you the points. Find something encouraging to say to yourself like I am strong, I am content,I am self-assured, I am special, I have value - then tap on the points. You do this on both sides of the body. You will be amazed at how self-empowered you feel after this exercise. Doing these in replacement to those negative critical thoughts helps establish new healthy habits. I will be praying for you. God is your strength. I know you can beat the depression. You are strong! God bless! I would be happy to chat with you anytime. pm if you would like. Hugs!

Thank you so much, yes pray for me and I will pray for all who suffer from anxiety and depression ... looking at the link now many thanks..

Let me know if you ever want to chat. I am here for you. I hope you are doing better this week. Praying for you. God Bless!

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