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Help I need someone to talk to

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Hi all

So yesterday I had a tight chest under breast bone across their constant burping throat felt right and I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath like deep breath

Today that’s gone all off a sudden felt sick and got headache

I’m thinking all sorts in my head from yesterday and can’t seem to shake it off

I’m thinking blood clot in lung heart attack I’m so scared can anyone please talk to me could it be my acid reflux but I’ve never experienced that before I might off just panicked feel all jittery now and panic

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Try a big loud fart might help ….might be gas

Haha thanks so don’t u think it’s anything serious my minds gone!!

Excess gas can give you tight chest if you was burping a lot maybe just a build up of air …..disclaimer I’m not medically trained but got lots of experience with chest pains and I.b.s. 😃

Oh really I never knew that, I’m on lanzopazole 30mg but stop taking them last year I suffer really bad and I’ve still got it now when I take a tennis I feel better, and I keep going toilet sorry probably my ibs too

I used to take them switched to omeprazole for reflux…..gastro person told me your bowel is connected to your lower rib cage so a build up of gas tightening your muscles and can give you chest pain ….take a laxative have a good fart relieve the pressure if it happens again maybe……just a suggestion……could be good old stress/anxiety

Ok thanks I will try that them 🙈 thank you for repling, hope your ok


welcome……I’m ok today thanks for asking

Take some big deep breaths to help calm your nerves. Focus on the breathing.

Do you have anything you do to help you when you get anxious and panicky?


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Hypo20061 in reply to Dolphin14

Hello, I try and just get through it best I can on my own and go on my phone but I feel ok today just not hot and sick now and again but it’s my nerves that I had heart flutters before I’ve got myself that worked up over it

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Dolphin14 in reply to Hypo20061

Yes, I've been there. I know how hard it is. Distracting yourself is good. Music, meditation, exercise help me a lot.

I feel my anxiety in my stomach. I get the nausea feeling too. Just keep telling yourself what is causing it and that you will be ok.

Take care of yourself


Awww thank you, I will try some meditation and I really need to do some exercise It leaves me with a headache right across my forehead and I feel all tense need to snap out off it, and stop being silly 😜 Thanks 🐬

I'm sorry you're suffering 😔

If you suspect there is something serious then, by all means, get checked out by a doctor.

One of the truly cruel things about panic attacks is that they can feel an awful lot like a heart attack. It's truly amazing (and often annoying) how anxiety can influence the way you feel physically. If it ends up 'just' being anxiety though, it's important NOT to catastrophize.

That is exactly how my acid reflux was this weekend. I have lung disease so I went to urgent care for a chest xray. They thought I had a blood clot and had to go to the ER. It is a really bad acid reflux flare. Its pretty amazing how it mimics other things. Have you been eating regularly? Under a lot of stress?

if you need someone who can talk to you. Here is my Instagram

Keep on using Dare! You can and you WILL beat this. Believe in yourself ! You’ve got this. Only you can change your thoughts!

I wish I could change my thoughts it’s all I think about every day x

Hi Hypo, the thing about anxiety is your fight or flight instinct is being kicked in and your being pumped full of adrenaline, when I feel that chest tightness I go for a long walk or some other form of exercise to burn off that extra energy. Are you familiar with an amino acid called L Theanine ? When we have an anxiety attack our brains are being stimulated by something called glutamate, L Theanine blocks this and calms the brain you can combine with cbd and Omega3 it works for me , you might want to research it .Also I use magnesium cream on those tight neck and head muscles to relax them . Have a good day! 😊

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Hypo20061 in reply to Gordo6500

Hi Gordo sorry for late reply just been really hard for me this past week, I had a really bad paink or Andy attack not sure which one. Lasted for about an hour, felt like I was on a boat the feeling wouldn’t go I couldn’t even lye down when I closed my eyes I felt I was spinning and of course panic wouldn’t go, got myself in a right mess. Just wish it would all go away

How are u feeling? Hope your good

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Gordo6500 in reply to Hypo20061

Hi Hypo sorry for late reply had sign in issues. Sorry to hear your having a bad time , hope you feel better now . Yeah vertigo is the worst. Are you on any meds? The feeling I get most is feeling off balance, but it’s getting better. Have you seen neuropsychologist yet? Have a good one.

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