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How do I let go of the past?

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So in 2019 I wanted to raise awareness for my 22q and all I said was permission ask and pictures or video saying 22q rocks! Then I got this mean woman called me a sex offender in the comment and she treated me like like crap and judge me. And a lot of people had my back. All I was doing trying to raise awareness for my disability and I get a mean comment!! I’m tired of people coming at me!!

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Be proud of yourself

Can i ask what exactly about the past are you asking about how you let go of? What do you think is the biggest struggle for yourself?

Well I’m trying to let go of the past because people have hurt me and bullied me on Facebook I’m not on social media I only have Pinterest they are all toxic to me. I am much happier without Facebook or Instagram Snapchat. I’m just tired of mean people

awesome for not being on social media.i have never had any of those- im 37 and never been a part of fb, or all the rest. i cant say im happier because i struggle alot but i can say it totally eliminates seeing or being exposed to cyber bullying or other garbage . it is not a part of my life and im so grateful i am not on those things.

letting go of the past i have found is not something that we can do on our own- we need guidance from good people, good resources, the lord, prayer and other things that are good for us too. i am working with a counselor on letting go of my past and i know its gonna take alot of work and time.

one mindset that helps me is, not to let the people who hurt me or did or said things in my past, not giving them the satisfaction of living rent free in my head. because i probably think about what they did more then they think about me.

im sorry for how youve been hurt and if you ever wanna talk pls reach out❤️

Aww I’m always here if you wanna talk and thanks so much ❤️

I am proud of myself and thank you ❤️

Whoever said that to you I need to chat with him or her and set him or her straight no one has a right to say that to you I’m so sorry that happened my heart breaks you were spreading awareness about 22q nothing wrong with that your a beautiful human being inside and out ❤️❤️🫂

I'm so sorry that this person was so mean. I agree it's great that you want to raise awareness of your illness. I know what you mean about social media. People can be very mean and cruel. Try for focus on the support you get here. I understand the meanness can be upsetting. Except for family and a couple of illness support groups I don't really use it anymore. I'm sick of the anger and hate. It is really sad that a few here can be really mean. Those people do real damage to an otherwise wonderful forum. The supportive people here make up the vast majority. Take ❤

It’s so nice that u r writing a book. Do tell what is 22q? What disability? Thanks

People can be very mean online, I'm sorry you had to go through all this abuse. Not the best advice but try to ignore all the negativity (Way easier said than done lol) but know you have everyone here for support <3

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