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Another day beginning with anxiety

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I wish I didn't wake up with anxiety. I wake up scared. I want to go back to sleep so I don't feel. I think I've always had anxiety to some extent but it wasn't constant and didn't need meds until several traumatic things happened in a short amount of time. Now that I have an injury I need surgery for, I feel worse. The surgery isn't what I'm afraid of, it's a 5-6 month recovery in PT. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to handle it because I never know when I will hit the wall and my head says I've had enough. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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Hi Dancer2020, I really understand the anxiety that comes with anticipating the struggles we may face. But I think thats exactly what creates paralysing anxiety - looking too far ahead at potential pain. I know because I have been doing it myself too. I was up last night crying so much because I was thinking so much.

I honestly think we need rules with ourselves not to think too far ahead about problems or potential problems. We need to have a rule in our minds to only deal with problems one day at a time and if we are going to think beyond today it has to be about positive things i.e. deal with your recovery today and only today, and tomorrow deal with it the same way, and when you think beyond today only imagine that you will feel better one day. I know its hard. It helps me to share this because it reminds me of my own need to work hard at doing the same regarding my own problems.

Also, I believe we have a duty to ourselves to inject positive experiences in to our lives no matter how basic. It can help reset our minds out of the negative patterns of anxiety. I.e. Make arrangements to see friends, play lovely music and live up to your namesake. I know these things arent a solution but they can help change our perspective somewhat. You deserve to treat yourself well and kindly. 💞

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Great Response :)

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Thank you for the encouragement

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I like what you said about needing rules with ourselves to not think so far ahead. Keyword: rule. A healthy rule. I'm going to start with that mindset tomorrow.

Hi- I’m sorry to hear your struggles. I have a sister who used to have severe panic attacks and most of the time she’s also sad. She had a tough time because she refused treatments. Thankfully, she opened up to someone she trusts and she also has a life group where she meets once a week regularly. Her mood is improving and whenever there are attacks she knows where to go, she talks to her trusted friend.

It would be helpful if you have a trusted friend you can go to. You can also write down your emotions in your journal, it’s like talking to a friend. Continue to share, groups like this can be helpful. I know it’s hard but try to do things that you enjoy. My sister stopped doing things she used to enjoy but when her mood was slowly getting better, she went back to her routine. She enjoys her garden and pets. She also volunteers.

I hope things will get better for you. Stay strong, we are here for you. Take one day at a time. I pray for peace and strength you need for the PT.

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Thank you for the encouragement. I appreciate this site. Sometimes knowing you're not alone helps so much

It takes time to heal and it sounds like the timing is not right to have the surgery right now. Not wanting to lose it is understandable . Be patient and explore your options.

Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely going to need support for this.

Anxiety can be alleviated by focusing on the present sometimes its best to do whats needed now if possible. I understand how paralysing anxiety can be. Its debilitating . Distract yourself and do something that you would like to do . Even nothing is something if it will help your mind and or body. Be compassionate understanding and reassuring with yourself.

Hi @Daancer2020 how are you doing? I want you to know that I'm rooting for you and believing that you have so much strength within you to handle the 5-6 month recovery. I know some days might be hard but I'm praying that there will be more days where you are victorious and will bravely face the day despite the anxious thoughts that wants to have the upper hand.Sending you much hugs ))).

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Thank you!

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