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Physically sick almost always

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Do any of you get sick over and over continuously? I don’t know if it’s stress that’s wearing down my immune system or the medication causing it or what. I want to figure out why. I always feel drained and I get sick like nasal congestion, body aches and headaches. I’m on six different mental health meds. What do you think? I’m finally in a better place emotionally so I’m reluctant to get off meds right now although at some point that would be great.

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Hi starlight how are you keeping lately? Regards feeling sick have you started any new meds recently I'm asking incase one of your meds might not be agreeing with you also maybe ask your doctor to review your meds to see if your d octor can come with a reason why your feeling so low I wish you well stay safe and take care david!

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Hi David! I’m great except fir being sick and mood swings and the occasional panic. Thank you so much! How are you?

This is an ongoing thing with me from way back but it’s really bad right now. I do know remeron can sometimes make me feel sick but this is different in the way it presents itself. I just don’t know. When I don’t take remeron I find I still get sick. I don’t think it’s the others because I didn’t get sick while starting them. So it’s a mystery...

My honest opinion is find out if ur daily sickness is a side effect of the meds from a professional. They could be clashing with one another. I am happy u are getting better emotionally. Could the meds be helping with that but causes side effect? That a brainer! Yah, find out tho

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I guess they could be clashing I’ll talk to my psychiatrist - thanks ( again )! 😊

Could be hormones , you are too young for menopause but your hormones may be decreasing ? Nausea can be a symptom

Hmmmm not usually nauseous Now my head feels really fuzzy I’m thinking it must be because I’ve been switching around the dosages of meds the sickness I don’t know.

Its probably is the meds

Hiya. Hope your feeling better? I know how your feeling I always feel sick and some of the symptoms you describe I have to. If you ever want to talk you can x

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Now my head is fuzzy I think from going up and down on my dosages of meds. Not as sick now I took some cold meds,... which could also make me feel weird... thanks for the offer you are so sweet to offer to talk I’d love to keep in touch get to know you.

Are you getting enough sleep? I’m finding I feel dizzy during the day if my sleep is off. Like I can’t shake it. I also get nauseous from anxiety. Best to you always!

Thanks! Something to consider!

Spooky...this is exactly what's been going on with me since the furnace started in the beginning of winter. I'm sick more days than not. It doesn't help my mood any either! Let's see... Stress is making me physically sick... Pain is making me stressed... REPEAT...

I've been treating things symptomatically. Saline spray (plus being careful to hydrate) for nasal congestion and headaches. Stretches, coconut water, and turmeric for body aches. I've found if I'm irregular I'll get sick in waves pretty much all over. Mission figs plus drinking a lot of water helps that.

With me, I suspect it's all stress plus getting old. Sooner or later the parts crap out. No longer under warranty! 🤪 🦜

Awww you made me smile silly 🙃 yeah I need to not stress so much too. I’m drinking lots of water and tea. I am trying my best to be balanced and meditate and read and walk and I spend quality time with people I’m tired that’s it I am doing my best you know...

Tea is known to cure whatever ails you, ya know!

I can't meditate. The best I can do is listen to a gentle waltz and try to stop ruminating. I can't walk (I miss walking so much.) I can still read sometimes. Maybe I'll go get my book soon. I'm lonely and it hurts. I'm trying to do my best. And I try to remind myself about "good enough", but it's hard.

What book are you reading? I’m reading a book one of my friends wrote called Cursed? And I’m reading How To Practice His Holiness the Dalai Lama

By Thomas Wheeler? I looked Cursed? up on Amazon. Do I have the right one? It looks interesting. Are you enjoying it?

I'm rereading Valley of Fear. It's a Sherlock Holmes novel, one of my favorites. A thriller, really. I'm also reading Stephen King's The Institute. It's been slow going; I've been at it a while. That's not the book's fault, it's my anxiety. Also some poetry here and there, for emotional support.

Cursed is by Jess McCann ...Oh Sherlock Holmes niiiiiice! I love poetry. I’ve never read Stephen Kings but I lived in a small town close to his and drive past his house once.

Do you have a favorite poem to share?

I do feel sick everyday my nose always feels stuffed my ears feel full or full of water my head hurts and my neck and my eyes too I feel I've been feeling achy all over for a couple of days so far I don't know what it is I'm thinking I have a bladder infection but can't see doctor until next week I'm freaking out that something bad is happening to me all the time I have very bad health anxiety I don't know how much more I can't take of this off feeling I have all the time I keep thinking about dying but I don't want to die i feel alone too no one to talk to because I don't want to bother anyone

Plus I don't take any meds because I'm to scared of side effects

I’m glad you’re feeling better. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks ,but thank Jesus I’m better now. The meds might have side effects, but if they are working, it’s wonderful.Liti

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I’m so glad you are better! What were you in the hospital for?

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