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Anxiety disorder and medication advice?


Does anyone have any advice on starting Aripiprazole / Abilify 5mg. What are the initial side effects like and what medications should I ask my doctor for to ease the symptoms especially the increased anxiety, irritability and Insomnia? I’m diagnosed with an anxiety disorder mostly generalised, panic and social symptoms which in turn has triggered depressive episodes. Possible personality disorder which symptoms closely match Borderline Personality Disorder but not enough to diagnose. I’m currently on Fluoxetine 60mg, Propranolol 120mg, although my psychiatrist is withdrawing this as it doesn’t help pychiactric wise and barely aids any physical symptoms. She is also concerned about the long term side effects as I’ve been on the Max dose from my GP for about five years- can anyone expand on propranolol regarding stopping treatment and any possible withdrawal effects? Also any suggestions of an alternative medication?Since Fluoxetine already causes me insomnia My psychiatrist prescribed Quetiapine 50mg at night and some Diazepam. Not being a fan of Diazepam and not finding it very effective what if any alternatives are there?

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Hello. Abilify 5mg was added to my Zoloft for additional help with depression and anxiety. It helped very much but had to go off of it due to tremors. But everyone’s body is different. You may do well and not experience side effects.

i also take zoloft but i take forgot how many grams but one in a half dont remeber the grams

I took 150 mg (1.5 pills)of Zoloft for about 18 years. It worked very well but then started to have a “poop out”effect. That’s when they added the ability to enhance it.

yes i take 150 too i forgot how it works like the grams but i also take 1.5 for 2 years now i think

It was a very good medicine that worked a very long time for me. I wish you lots of success on it!

thank you

I was on abilify but got “sausage fingers”, it was awful. Doc said I was allergic. You might try propranolol and Effexor (venlafaxine)

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