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I can't shake things off, and let things go

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I guess I'm old fashioned. I sometimes feel like I give more respect than I get in return. I don't why I cannot shake off that people at my work never say thanks, or express the slightest bit of gratitude if I help them with something. I always say thanks, and appreciation when someone helps me out. Maybe, it's just the times we live in now? I cannot turn off voice in my head that perhaps there's something wrong with me?

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There’s nothing wrong with you I have felt that way before

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Thank you.

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Your welcome 🙏

There is nothing wrong with you, that is for sure, You are a rare breed!

In today's society of lightening fast information, I feel like people either rush though or even skip the please and thank you all together at times.

Remember to protect yourself against people that will use your helpfulness to their advantage. Especially at work. If your job is to help them, then so be it, carry on.

If you are just helping them to be nice, ensure that it does not conflict with your work and or helps them get the promotion over you. Your hard work deserves to be recognized just as much.

Be Well.

Thank you. Great insight. The heaviness I'm feeling is letting up.

As is said "manners cost nothing" People sound as if they're being rude to you. Try not to let it get you down so much. Far better to say " thanks" than not at all

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Thank you, Hidden

Things have gotten better. I kind of had to put a "wall" around my feelings while at work, and not let my defenses down so much. I've done a better job not letting the lack of common courtesies get me down, and keep me down.

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