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Depression and Anxiety: how to beat the it? Please share tips and suggestions


Apart from medication(s), there are many things we must do to beat Depression and anxiety. Please share ideas generously. There are many of us struggling, and need support. What worked and what didn't work. There must be ways out of this dark hole.

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Of course. The tail end of it just won't go away for months and months, and recently flared up again.

I did the CBD oil for months, but got a lot worse after that due to bereavement grief. I'm not going back to it.

If you can have a cup of real coffee for breakfast I have a desertspoon of organic flaxseed oil every morning as it is good for female hormones - not so good for men apparently

Go out for a walk everyday walk at least a mile if you can

Take codliver oil capsules and evening primrose oil capsules

Make sure you eat a healthy diet

Take an interest in what's going on in the world but don't be overwhelmed by bad news

People that have a religion are happier than those that don't this is a statistical fact not my opinion

I am Christian and my faith is my strength

I like your suggestions! I used to take flaxseed oil too for mood. Should look into it again. I also am interested in evening primrose oil. Is it for anxiety?

It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the bad news! The world is so crazy and the news seems to get worse and worse. But I heartily agree that faith is a great source of strength. ❤️

Evening primrose oil is for anxiety, codliver oil is very good for all round mental and physical health


I've been suffering from the discontinuation syndrome from antidepressant.

For me, taking a warm bath and eating sweets (cookies or chocolate) as soon as I got up are helpful.

I didn't drink coffee while I was severely symptomatic but now it's ok for me.

Walking, meditation and artwork are not working for me. It made me more nervous and agitated.

Hope you'll feel better soon.


St. John’s Wort works for some people, although it didn’t do much for me. Also you can’t take it with some meds.

Exercising and getting outside, fresh air and sunshine, helps lift my mood and exercising is a good way to get through anxiety. Harder to get outside and keep exercising in the cold winter though!

Daily 1-2 mile walk

5- htp


gratitude journal



you are right, there are many ways. certain everyday foods help, drink water, relaxing music, shower, fresh air, believe it or not, chew gum, many others that do really work. i recovered from 3 depressions so i relate. here if you want to talk more. most importantly, believe in yourself for you are valuable. will you keep us posted how you are doing please.

Hello Sankissjuice,

I've had my share of experience (I'm 80 years)

Prayer works for me. Linger & listen to the Hearer of prayer....

Like a good parent, He already knows your anxiety & fears.

Trust Him to understand...👌

Deep breathing. In for four, hold for four, out for four. That helps anxiety for me, and makes panic attacks much less intense.

Acceptance. Strange as it seems, accepting that I’m in for a rough patch helps, I think. Sometimes I imagine I’m at sea and there’s a storm coming. Tie everything down, slow down, head into the wind, and ride it out. Take good care of the ship (your mind and body) and they’ll take good care of you.

Finding things to do that keep my mind occupied with lots of neutral details with low trigger potential. I do Flight Simulator, hence “prop jock.” Lots to keep you busy, flying an old airliner, especially on takeoff and landing! And the engines sound great!

“If it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid.” Murphy’s Fifth Law of Combat

Thank you! For all the suggestions. Keep them coming, please.

I have been able to move more, by repeating the mantra: depression doesn't like a moving target. It's tough to beat the heaviness.

And when I notice I worry, I affirm: " worrying is forgetting that the biggest power in the universe is with you."

For me, it's been walks, journaling, some CBT ideas. Regardless of supplements and medication, which do help, especially when things start to spiral; the non-medication stuff gives us tools to manage our thoughts.

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