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What causes the obsessive thoughts?

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Are the obsessive thoughts usually associated with anxiety or with depression? I can't stand being alone. I feel awful when theres no one that's with me. During the day I always stay with my family but when I'm alone I keep having the obsessive thoughts - they never stop! Please help. Tell me what helps you and what do you use to stop the thoughts? I want to be in the moment and enjoy my life the way it is.

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Have you been diagnosed with anything yet?

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Look up cognitive distortions

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No. Only depression but that was a few years ago and the cause was different.

You need to talk to a doctor or a professional. Same things happens to me and I know how awful it can feel at the moment. I started with Cognitive Behavior Therapy this past week because I couldn’t deal with my thoughts anymore. Hang in there your are not alone.


The same thoughts channel deep grooves in your mind's neuronet, making them the easiest and most reflexive thought that first comes to mind. Really, it is that simple.

To break free you must either or both: not think, and/or think different thoughts when you feel these obsessive thoughts wanting to 'pop up' again. Eventually (it could take years), they will: become less frequent, and, far less intense.

Distractions are helpful (puzzle books, jigsaw puzzles, chores). Endorphins generated by vigourous exercise are helpful.

Meditation or quiet breaks are helpful (practicing 'not thinking' for short periods, allows you to start reclaiming control over your mind, while also giving your mind a much needed break).

There's also: lobotomy, ECT, meds, etc. -- often effective, in their own way.

Amputation, is Not recommended.

~wbiC, member anxiety-depression-support forum

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I just talked to a psychiatrist this past week and there is definitely something foe that. For sure Behavior cognitive therapy. But medication as well. Also, I'm not a very. (Spiritual person. ) but I have tried meditation and there is a calm app that talks you through it its only a couple bucks. But I think everyone could benefit from meditation. Just some thoughts.

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What medication do you use and do you feel a difference in the way you think? Are you calmer?

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