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So I suffer with really bad health anxiety and I'm due into hospital tomorrow afternoon (Friday) to have a mole removed from my neck.

I've never had local anesthetic in my life and I'm absolutely petrified, plus I have to go in on my own because of covid obviously and I've never done anything like this alone before.

My partner is always allowed to accompany me at the doctors because they know how frightened I am, but when I went to a local hospital the other week to have pictures taken and I explained to the receptionist how bad I was she got quite snappy with me which made me even more upset.

People just don't understand, maybe because it's not a visable illness they just don't believe me.

I'm getting so panicked and I feel physically sick. I don't know what to expect, I hate pain, I hate needles, I'm freaking out massively, I've taken all my meds and I'm still Flippin out here.

Had a covid test Tuesday on my doorstep and had a full blown panic attack after, I was awful it's so ridiculous - please someone tell me it's not as bad as my mind is telling me. It's fear of the unknown and I've never had a local.

TIA x x x

38 Replies
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Deep breaths. It will be okay. Our minds are extremely good at scaring us and therefore making the waiting unbearable. For me at least, things end up going a lot smoother than my mind tells me will happen. I know this doesn't help you much, though. Tell the anesthesiologist your concerns beforehand. I've only had local anesthesia once in my life. Although it was several years ago that I got my tonsils out, I do remember him being very good at making sure I was comfortable. He told me to count backwards from 5. The next thing I knew I was being wheeled out of the hospital with my mom at my side. I actually remember telling my mom to take me back because they weren't done yet (apparently they really knock you out).Will you have someone meet you afterwards to drive you home?

Yes my partner will wait for me as I don't drive, thank you for your kind words, it's the thought of being awake during the procedure more than anything and I don't cope at all with pain or anything xx

You're welcome!Oh, did I get it mixed up? Local anaesthesia doesn't put you under? Sorry about that. Just goes to show how much I know about this stuff๐Ÿ˜†.

Nevertheless, they should make sure you are comfortable enough to undergo the procedure. Good luck; I'm sure you'll do great!๐Ÿ™‚

Yes I'd much rather be knocked out, I'm sure if I make them aware of how bad I get they'll do what they can to help me, I'm just so anxious about even being on my own. Wish they could put me to sleep, I wouldn't mind as I wouldn't be aware of anything.I'm sure it will be over before I know it, just need to be brave xxx

What's the reason that you're not having a General Anaesthetic so you'll be asleep? Is it because of Covid?

Have you asked for a General Anaesthetic?

Could you phone the hospital in the morning and ask about this?

I doubt you'd be under the GA for long and you would still be able to go home the same day.

It's just a mole removal from my neck so I guess they don't see the point, apparently it will only take an hour xx

Weren't you offered a General Anaesthetic?

No just told it would be a local xx

Have you considered phoning the hospital, first thing in the morning, and asking for a General Anaesthetic?

If that would mean a delay, how would you feel? Would you rather get it over with tomorrow? How long have you had the mole?

Whereabout on your neck is the mole?

What does your Mum think?

What does your partner think?

The mole was looked at 2 weeks ago and they got me in for tomorrow so pretty quickly, it's just beneath my ear, where my gland is, it's grown quite alot since January, my mum just wants me to have it out asap as she had cancer cut out a couple of months ago so I understand her concerns.

I just want it done, but I want to be as out if it as possible because I know I'm a nightmare for jumping when I feel something, I've hit people in the past, just seems like a reaction I can't control, I don't obviously mean it but it could be dangerous, as long as they know all this before. Xx

Seems that it has to be tomorrow.

When you feel up to it, please update us. Let's know how you are.

I will thank you that's really kind xx

Hope it's helped a little to talk it all through xx

That would have been a General Anaesthetic you had.

Yes general is good, local I've never had but have been told it can be painful so I'm freaking out xx

Ahhh, thanks.

You could try insisting that your partner is with you, but, even under 'normal' circumstances it would probably be just you for the procedure. Did no one mention possibly seeing your doctor beforehand and arranging some meds such as short term Diazepam on the day?

I think you will be ok.

Don't be afraid to speak up about your concerns and fears. They should reassure you and look after you.

You could make a complaint about Ms snappy if you wish. She was way out of line. Highly unprofessional. She had no right whatsoever to speak to you and upset you like that. You're better than she is.

Think of your favourite place and your favourite food as you're about to have your treatment. You can do this. โค๏ธ

God Bless x

That's very sweet thank you xx

I have been taking my diazepam had 7 so far over 2 days xx

Is that a low dose?

2mg each tablet is all the doctor ever gives me xx

Could you phone your doctor tomorrow morning and ask if you should take extra diazepam about half to one hour before your treatment?

My mum already phoned to ask today and got told sorry but all telephone appointments are taken - so I can't even talk to my doctor. It's so silly, had nothing but problems since covid, unless you have that you're not important. Xx

Fellow HA sufferer here and I can imagine you are up a height with anxiety I'd be too. Will be thinking of you and hoping all goes well. Take care x

Thank you xx

you will just be given an injection it won't hurt ,it will go numb and they will cut it out you won't feel it then you can go and have a lovely cup of coffee best of luck.

I really do hope that's it xxx

I had some lumps removed a few years ago darling I got it done in the doctor surgery but you can't do that now I suppose with the virus .I was given an injection so I didn't feel what they were doing ,you will.be fine

Thank you xx I'm trying to be so strong, just so afraid of having a panic attack during the procedure or something, as long as I tell them how petrified I am I'm sure they will accommodate.I'm sure once it's done I'll wonder what all the fuss was about xx

How did it go .did you manage to get through it

I had a panic attack but I've had it done and calmed down. Thank you xx

Oh bless ,but good for you darling, all over now,sleep well

You are so sweet Thankyou so much xxx


Just to say:

Thinking of You โค๏ธ


It's bad for those too that accompany you....my husband had surgery last Thursday and I was a mess because I could not even come into the hospital, just wait at the curb in my car when he was released. Hard to sleep alone and worry the night away. I know it's probably worse for you, the patient. But your surgery will be quick and recovery short. I worked in a cancer hospital and saw this same thing with patients, then were surprised how nice and compassionate everyone was. Just tell them you panic and they will help you get through it. My husband told the surgical team that he didn't want to through the operating room UNTIL they put him out and they did, no problem He said he didn't want to see or know anything until he woke up in his hospital room with the "thumbs up" sign from his surgeon. So it was very easy for him since everyone knew his desires. You might try that approach.....

Everyone was wonderful today. Helped me alot, made me feel alot easier after having a panic attack in the waiting room xx

So happy for you that they were great......yes, waiting rooms can be the worse - anticipatory anxiety!! You did it! Yea for you! Add that one to your list of "I did it!"

Thank you so much, so nice to have people like you xxxxx

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