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I'm going to imagine myself as a tree

I love all of you nice people.

I have different beliefs and relationships and am going to imagine they are like my branches and roots. I am still, connected, growing, and peaceful.

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Andrea2d. imagining yourself as a tree can have many benefits as my therapist once

told me. When the world around you is turned upside down, go out and hug a tree.

Imagine the roots of the tree grounding you. It's a good grounding exercise for anxiety.

I like your post. Continue growing Andrea :) xx

I love your analogy. Great post!


Thank God for context!! Reading this title alone was like "ummm....oookay". Good analogy, though! I'm sorry if this comes across as a weird reaction. I don't intend it to. One of my very first therapy exercises back in grade school was actually to image myself as a tree.

It's just better than what I used to think about. Because trees are calm and serene. Strong. They're really good at growing. I really like trees. I'd say I'm a preservationist, but realize I am not exactly a tree. 🌲 I am a person that can get up and move if I want to. Just feel more powerful as a tree in my mind. I am sorry if this sounds weird but it might help someone.

I have PTSD and I would often fantasize defending myself from harm by fighting people. I don't want to fight anyone. I just want to be here. Therefore I like the tree analogy because it feels safe.

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I don't want to be a tree anymore. I just want to be me except accepted by others outside of here. I want to accept myself. Not sure why there is a disconnect. Thanks for the kind words.

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Dont be hard on yourself. It can be so difficult to accept that we cant overcome our situations. But how can we overcome when we are the problem? You have the willpower. You have the motivation. Sometimes the cards are just stacked against us and we need to depend on outside help. It sucks. I dont know what else I can say.

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Thank you.

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You're welcome❤

That is such a wicked and freaking awesome thought! I love it!

You’re amazing, for real hehe 😀

Love you too 🥰

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Yes! A grounded, deep rooted tree, that weathers storms and sometimes loses branches but is still there. Love this!!!


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