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Hi my friends I’m Really Struggling!!!


I have barely slept for the last 2 weeks. My mind is chaotic. Stress of online school with my kiddos is making me feel unhealthy. Thank God it’s Friday.

Starting Remeron on Monday. That should help me sleep. I feel I can barely hold on until then.

I feel like I’m breaking. I was doing do well for a while but now I feel depressed, stressed, tired out and defeated. I just have to try to chill until I can get the medication to help.

I feel desperate like something is going to give. I’m scared. What can I do!? I’m too exhausted to do my regular exercises right now. What else to help relax before I get back to regular sleep?

I’m going to try getting back to my meditations. I’m also drinking lots of tea. Any other suggestions for me my friends?

Love you guys 😍

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I’m so sorry - I just posted I was having a tough day. I hear exactly what you’re saying. Not sleeping is the worst - why do you have to wait until Monday for the Remeron? I’ve recently started meditating (online app) which helps me slow day (physically and emotionally). Will be thinking about you

Starrlight in reply to LoveBear

Thanks I’ll be thinking of you too! I’ve also never been this weight before Its depressing. I chose to have the med delivered forgetting it would take 3-5 days

I’m so sorry 😐 to see U going thru this. I do

understand what U mean. I would suggest to start with getting into some funky

uplifting music,!i.e. James Brown

Living in America, Gap Band, U

dropped the bomb on me for instance

If U can shake up your body and move

to the music. I’m 62 and still do this.

I was a caregiver 4 a client with severe

dementia wh was 88 and she wa

Dancing around in her chair. Then U can listen to other music such as I will

survive by Gloria Gaynor and Yo Vivire

in Spanish with Celia Cruz. This is

positive life affirming music. I do positive

visualization meaning lay down on your

couch or bed close your eyes 👀 do some deep breathing and visualize yourself doing something U have enjoyed in the past. Let your body relax. At least

4 a little while U should be feeling better.

I’m in your corner and will be checking

this website. Giving U a virtual hug 🤗


Shnookie in reply to Shnookie

PS shnookie again U can also play some slower music, I love Andrea Bocelli

singing Bessme Mucho in a live performance in Las Vegas. Beautiful voice and so relaxing.

Starrlight in reply to Shnookie

Thanks for all the suggestions, Shnookie!!! To tell you the truth I’m just not wanting to get moving right now... I will keep in in mind for a time when I can... I love jumping on the trampoline with my kids. I will meditate.

Shnookie in reply to Starrlight

What ever is comfortable to U. Just want U to know that I’m always in your

corner and wishing U good karma

S 😎😄

Starrlight in reply to Shnookie

Awww I very much appreciate you and will always be here for you too! Are you doing well lately?

Shnookie in reply to Starrlight

Right now my B/P is a little high so

I’m resting. But I’m Jewish and tonigh

starts Jewish New Year

Rosh Ha Shana. I’ll be meditating

and praying for good health mental

and physical, peace in the world, end of the pandemic and for good things for

people I care 4 including people in the

support groups that I belong to.

I’m not proselytizing, just wishing good

Karma, good health and peace in our

lives. I’ve had people trying to

Convert me b4 and not a pleasant feeling. I simply told them, I ‘m happy

with my belief system and U can be happy with yours. Tolerance is the most important thing. Sending good karma to everyone

Starrlight in reply to Shnookie

That’s awesome! I love hearing about different religions and cultures. Good karma and much blessings to you always. You are beautiful.

Shnookie in reply to Starrlight

Thank U for the lovely wishes. remember we're here with you.

Starrlight in reply to Shnookie


I am sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Deep breathing really helps me - 5 slow deep breaths in and also breathing in the feeling of peace and contentment, the hold for the count of 7 and breathe out for the count of 5 and as I do I let go of all the concerns, anxiety, and worries that are affecting me. I do this through 3 cycles. Another thing is telling myself up lifting things (put ups) and avoiding and put downs. Speaking to ourselves out loud good things about ourselves and our circumstances really helps too. And we are speaking truth about ourselves and not allowing the lies to take over. I have a list I speak over to myself every day... This is going to be a good day, I will find contentment, I have value in what I do and say, I am special and a child of God, I love myself and all the things that make me... me. I hope you find these helpful. I will keep you in my prayers. For you I would add to your list - I will sleep through the night and no longer be tired. You'll be amazed over time how speaking positive things to yourself helps. Hugs and God Bless

Yes speaking positives out loud is good. Thanks just said a prayer for you too. Hmmm maybe I’ll make a ‘say it out loud list’ too

Haven’t been here in a while though probably should have. Online schooling was too much stress for me so we are homeschooling. Did it in the past and it worked then. It is good to know you are hanging in there and still emitting empathy and care for others as well. You truly are a gift!! Be well my friend!!

Starrlight in reply to Puzzled57

Thank you! You are too kind. I’m glad homeschooling is working for you. Be well!

You have nothing to fear, Starrlight, you are not in danger, nothing threatens you. You are under a lot of stress right now, your nerves are in sensitive mode. Anxiety is playing games with your imagination, it will pass as soon as the stresses in your life recede: you will not feel like this forever.

The power of anxiety is limited, you will come to no harm I promise. We've all been there at some time. Easy on the tea or better still switch to decaffeinated tea, only 55pence for 40 decaffeinated tea bags at Lidls.

Others may disagree but a couple of glasses of wine before bed are as good a sleeping draught as any.

Take the medication; give it time to work before judging, it will bring respite which you need right now, when the pressures recede you can taper off it.

Waking tired is part of anxiety disorder, it too will pass when you regain your peace of mind.

When you turn in, give yourself completely to sleep, do not think of what tomorrow brings or what happened during the day.

All is well, you have nothing to fear, just do what you can for your kiddos, you can't expect to be a brilliant online homebound teacher, few people are.

Starrlight in reply to Jeff1943

The homeschooling is going well so I am blessed in that way but it takes a lot of energy out of me until I feel drained.

Thank you soooooo much for your suggestions. I drink decaf tea mostly.

Your words are comforting. Thank you 🙏 😊

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