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i dont know what to do anymore

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i dont know what to do, My dog is sick I took her to the vet and he said I need alot of money to see what she has plus to treat her. I just hate seeing her suffering in front of me and I begin balling my eyes out, I just hate that there is nothing I can do. My hcest feels tight and i just cant keeps still. Everything always happens to me, its like life hates me.

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You cannot leave the dog to suffer, is there an animal charity who may help with costs or a rescue centre who would take her.

why don't you go on line to PETA or some other volunteer and privately funded animal help sites and see what may be out there. You never know till you try. I found a vet a while back who only charge half cost for those in need. Other places may do clinic work for free...good luck with you search, and so very sorry for your pooch....

Try to be more cheerful and happy. even though life has nothing to offer at the moment for now. What good does it bring you by being sad? Be more hopeful i am sure everything will change.

Aw so sorry about that. It's awful when your Pets are are Ill. Whatever happens remember that your Dog has been lucky to have such a caring owner.

Hi I understand how you feel but you must put your own feelings on the back burner for the time being and make your poor dog your priority. Do you have any relations/friends who can help? If not then you must try everything to get your dog treatment and there has been some good suggestions here.

Even if it means signing her over to an animal charity then you must put her first. It might be a good thing to get insurance in future. Let us know what happens please. x

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